Life is a bowl of cherries

I had such good intentions for blogging every day! Too bad all these children running around underfoot gets in the way of my best laid plans and intentions… 😉

Anyways – in typical Ben fashion we are sitting here flipping back and forth between a ridiculously hilarious movie, and a tear-jerker. I hardly know what to do at any given moment, be sobbing my eyes out or laughing hysterically. So instead i’ll blog! Since I have so many days to go back and catch up on, I’ll try to keep this one short and somewhat sweet.

Today our fun event (besides actually making it home for long enough toDSC_0035 finally go to the bathroom – trust me – it was no small feat!) was getting a little cooler full of fun vials and needles. It was my mail-order “start your own meth lab” business in a box!  HA – i am only kidding. Kind of.

It was full of a bunch of scary sounding IV medications for Kendall – except she doesn’t have an IV. So in keeping with my theory that her doctors are using her as their own science experiment, we are going to be mixing up these IV meds with some water, and putting it through her tubes directly into her stomach in the hopes that we can eradicate the overgrowth of “bad bugs” that are causing issues in her GI tract, re-planting some “good bugs”, and continuing to do this until…well, i guess until we don’t see any signs that too many bad bugs are coming back too quickly.

DSC_0037 At the very least, I am looking at a couple months of learning to mix/compound these IV meds into something we can get into her tummy, and hoping I don’t screw up the math too badly. Considering I had to repeat 3rd grade math three times, and even then didn’t get much farther past that, this may not be as easy as it sounds! I spent an hour on the phone with the pharmacist yesterday (while i was simultaneously trying to explain to the apple genius that I just needed a new battery and that i knew it was more than likely under warranty still and i had already researched that there was a known batch of bad batteries that matched my battery’s serial number so don’t try to talk me into anything else) – where he was trying to tell me how simple it really was to mix all these things up. Notice the stop sign and the big bold letters “FOR INTRAVENOUS INFUSION ONLY” on the box. Yikes.

And really, I am sure it will be that simple, if I manage to get more than ten uninterrupted minutes to sit and think and read directions in any day! Here’s to hoping that can happen soon! we have the girls’ (K1, K2, AND K3!) dance recital tomorrow afternoon, our Kidstown Appreciation picnic on SundayDSC_0039 after church (that i still have to finish up the lesson for), and then it’s time to start packing up for our trip to Rhode Island! Which i am sure will include finding a way to keep these meds stable all week that need refrigeration. Thank God we aren’t flying. These things seriously look like I am trying to cook up some street meds. I can JUST imagine the scene at the airport…

Annnnnnd right on cue here is the stupid crying part of this movie (for those who care , it’s “The War”, and we’re both a sobbing mess).

Ok – laundry and dishes are still mocking me so I have to go shut them up.

peace out.


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  1. You are an awesome mom too I hope you know! I so couldn’t do 4 and keep them all so happy like you do. You can do this, it’s a lot more intimidating than it looks. Keep up the awesomeness girl! We love ya over here in O-town!

  2. People really don’t know what they miss by not having a pharmacy and HHC out of there own home. If we have some national disaster and need medical care…we’re coming to your house….we’ll bring our own o2 though…