Let’s Have Fun

I have six blog posts to write in the next seven hours.
How did I get this far behind? It seems like I have done a ton of writing… I guess maybe this past week it has been a little busy.
Also- I’m typing this with one finger on my phone. So, yeah, typos galore I’m sure.
So lets have fun- why that title?
I really am just copying random billboard signs as blog post titles so it doesn’t mean anything, but as I think about it, what I HOPE it comes to mean is “Let’s have fun this Christmas season!!!” I need to sit and plan some of our usual December Daily activities so that I can be prepared for them, remember to DO them, and then actually enjoy them while they are occurring.
Don’t worry I’m not talking anything too major, lest you think I’ve completely lost it! But just our fun, small, family traditions. Movies we watch, cookies we make, lights we go see.
I have a feeling that the next few weeks will be flying by, and it is looking like its going to be an absolute blast of a Christmas season! My entire family will be in town over the month of December and it is going to be NUTS!!! My sister lives not very far away from me, and my parents are in the area but farther north. My three brothers live in South Africa, Boston, and Seattle- so we very rarely get to see them and their beautiful families. Not only do we get to see them- we get to see all of them all together! I’m so excited I could just squeal!
Fun/crazy/idiotic times are ahead and I can’t wait!
I feel like Buddy the Elf with my list of fun things to do
“We can go ice skating, make snow angels, eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough, and then we will hold hands while we skip through the park.”
Speaking of that..

We need to Watch Elf. And Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story…

Ok once I get my whole December Daily list together I will put it up in an actual post! Come back and check it out and tell me what some of your traditions of the season are!

Ok off to finger peck five more posts…


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