In the Home Stretch.

Now, being slightly superstitious, i probably shouldn’t even type those words. But they sound really good to say, so we’ll go with it!

k4hosp9 Yesterday’s afternoon events included a fun abdominal ultrasound where they “had a difficult time visualizing the pancreas” and noted an “abnormally large bladder”. I could tell the tech was getting concerned when she was getting just black all over the screen (black is air/liquid), and had to keep adjusting the scale of the ultrasound to get markers of where she was at. She asked me at one point if Kendall had problems peeing and i just started laughing and said, I’m assuming that’s her bladder you found! This definitely earned us a flurry of activity once we got upstairs including a fun catheterization and another bladder scan, where in spite of two hugely full diapers, we found that kendall still had four ounces in her bladder on the scan, and actually had more like 8 ounces come out when she was cathed. At least we know where all the fluid is finally going to!

She spent the afternoon playing with some new toys from a good friend who took the time to run to the store to get i think EVERYTHING that i put on my “suggestions” list! (thanks so much tracy!!!), while I enjoyed the sweet tea I have been craving for days! My cousin k4hosp13 Puckapie (yes that’s her real name) came by with an awesome lunch and we got kendall out of bed to sit over on the “couch” with us for a few minutes before the pain was too much for her and she wanted to lay back down again. But overall – she continued to make major strides forward as far as just seeing “kendall” come back. Including the time I thought she was taking a nap and I get up to check on her and realize she had not been sleeping afterall, but had instead taken the bottle of triple paste cream and smeared it ALL over herself. And everything in sight in the crib. Including her sister’s DS (aka “pway-see-see-cwayon” – kendall-ese for Play Sissy Crayon, which is the little DS stick. don’t ask – we have our own language over here….) That was fun to clean up – but I coudln’t help but just laugh at it – cause i was SO HAPPY to see Kendall being her naughty little self again!

And of course, in true naughty Kendall fashion, she spiked ANOTHER fever up to 102.8 last nite! later than the nite before, less intensely spiking, and a calmer slower deffervesce (that’s my new medical term for the day – i learned it in rounds! Can’t wait to use it in daily conversations!) So – still more questions than answers, but an overall MUCH happier Kendall Quinn. And who can complain about that?

So that’s where we sit this afternoon – waiting for a few more tests to come back, keeping an eye on her fever/urine output,k4hosp16 getting our pharmacy prepared for the onslaught of new kendall orders (as if they didn’t already hate us), and making sure we are doing the right thing by letting them give us the boot soon! I think we are aiming for tomorrow afternoon assuming that the latest cultures from the past two nites continue to stay clear!

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who is pitching in to help keep our family together during this time – my mom for staying with the girls so Ben can go on his work trip (I encouraged it – considering it is up here to milwaukee and I will need all the help I can get to pack up all the stuff from our room and get a kid on four iv pumps out the door to the car!) – to everyone making meals, getting groceries, baking birthday goodies, shuttling my children back and forth from dance, cleaning up after the amazing benefit dinner from last week and everyone who is just PRAYING….thank you to you all. I couldn’t even begin to name names because I will inevitably forget someone and I would never want ANYONE to be left out. You are all an amazing part of this story, of Kendall’s story.

And before I turn into a hot sobby mess, I will be done with this update.

Oh and PS – I found a way around the network ban on facebook. But I wanted to let you all know that according to a good source close to me:

“you really should be careful what you put on your blog. They are reading it you know, and they see you talk bad about their hospital. it’s like when you go to those p.o.r.n. parties at work. They read about all that stuff. So just be careful.”

I’ll try to stop going to so many p.o.r.n. parties at work. And hope that my blog doesn’t blow up the network.

Party on Wayne.

{party on garth}.



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  1. Yay Kendall. Yay Terra. Yay Puckapie! (And actually, I am Uncle Puckapie – they took on the names after me.)

  2. I know this was a couple days ago that you posted this, but i just wanted to say val calls the little DS stylus a “crayon” too. I thought that was adorable.

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