Gathering clouds

My mom used to do this thing where she would like be gazing skyward and say she was imitating someone gathering clouds. it’s hard to explain without a visual. Anyways, that is my darling K2 – my cloud gatherer. If you are my facebook friend, you saw my post yesterday about her asking for a “hot peanut butter sandwich” for lunch. Not the most appealing thing in the world to me – but as I was ready to put it in the microwave she yells “No Mommy! A HAWWWTTT – a HAWWWTTTTT! Like, you know….(and tries to make some gesture with her hands)” I am baffled – she is exasperated, and stomps over the drawer and comes out with a cookie cutter.





She wanted it cut in the shape of a heart. Got it.

so then last nite she comes home from school and we’re sitting there getting snacks and we proceed to have this conversation:

K2: umm, mommy? what’s a fist? (with questioning look on her face)

me: you know, its like a FIST (showing her my hand in a fist) like when you fight someone, you hit them with a fist.

K2: oh……

me: where did you get that from? did you talk about fists at school today?

K2: no, but i think we’re having one tomorrow at school.

me: (baffled) you’re having a fight at school tomorrow???

K1: (trying to be her usual helpful self) no karissa, like a FIST is like your HAND. you can’t be having a hand at school tomorrow!

K2: NO!!! you know, its like….i sink dey have a lot of umm food, you know?

K1 and me together: OH! a FEASTTTTT!!!!

So ok , they’re having a kindergarten FEAST in class today (their last day before thanksgiving break). Still unsure about this, I email her teacher. Who promptly emails me back that sure enough there IS a feast today and Karissa is supposed to bring the paper plates. For everyone. Which, you would think that having just had  a large birthday party here on Saturday would leave me with a dearth of paper plates just BEGGING to be used, but not so much. We had exactly 8 paper plates leftover. Awesome.

Approximate time between finding out about paper plate need and time paper plates are NEEDED: 1 hour.

Thank God for a week when Ben is actually in the area!

So all the chaos of having to drag the babies to the store, then to drop off karissa, then to go back with tired hungry babies to take yearbook pictures was thankfully avoided. And you know I had had such high hopes of just having one of those days that make you thankful you’re a stay at home mom, where we all play fun games and bake fun things together. Which we kind of did. And you know, it all worked out in the end.

I just don’t know what i’m going to do with that kid. Because once I got the paper plate fiasco all worked out and i could breathe knowing Ben would be home soon, and I had done Karissa’s hair and painted her fingernails per her begging request, i turned on some itunes and she IMMEDIATELY started doing a very close likeness of THE Single Ladies dance to the beyonce song. i cannot believe this kid. No idea what a “fist” is, but boy can she dance.

I think this is maybe just a small glimpse of my life for the next five to ten years.

In spite of all this – i love her to death. Life is …. interesting, with karissa around. Because you just never know when your next family celebration needs a good hot sandwich. Or heart sandwich.

Love you sissy.

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