Birthday party pictures

At last!

I can’t BUH-LEEEEVE it is Thursday. Craziness! Where has this week gone to?

Anyways – i am sure there are about 927 things I need to catch up on with bloggage, but right now I am dead tired from cutting out 219 paper hearts for some crazy thing for church. Don’t ask. Cause i really don’t know. I just know that I had the machine, the know-how, and the stupidity to bring up both of these things. Anyhoo. They’re done now, but I am tired. So all I can do for now is show you pictures! Just a few – the rest are in a slideshow which I will also try to include – but will be up singularly soon for your viewing pleasure!



She was not so much a fan of the cupcake! The frosting was ok for a couple licks, and she actually touched the cupcake (which would make her speech therapist and developmental therapist so proud!) – and the rest of the mess was because I smeared it on her!

She most definitely knew the night was ALL. ABOUT. HER. she absolutely adored being the center of attention (I swear I do not know where she gets that from!)

I was so happy with how everything turned out – especially for being so last minute (as is my typical MO for life…) – the cupcakes were adorable, the balloons added a cute touch, my sister found THE PERFECT dress and I was able to coordinate everyone else’s outfits around Kendall’s and – well – we survived!

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow hopefully after a whole nite of sleep!

Hoping that whatever Kendall has been working so hard on fighting for the last day or two gets kicked to the curb with a really super good nite’s rest! Every time something crazy happens with her (like we end up in the ER or inpatient) I hear “oh but she looked so GOOD when I saw her 3 hours/two days/one week ago!” Which is true. She does look very good much of the time. But it’s little nagging things like what we’re dealing with now that she fights, fights, fights – and we all try to not pay TOO much undue attention to- until she can’t fight it anymore and she goes downhill fast because her reserves of energy are all gone. So that’s where we are now. She has been just a little more tired than usual, choking/gagging/coughing a lot more on anything she tries to eat by mouth, more coughing in general than her typical coughing, and just TONS of air being vented out of her every few hours. By themselves – none of these mean much. And even together, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. In the greater context of Kendallage though, it could be the early signs of things going wrong. She has dodged a few bullets this sick season already – I hope and pray she continues to be Supergirl.

So there’s the randomness of today.

Hope you all get some good rest – Christmas is right around the corner!!!


How long do you think it will be till we have our first snowfall around here?



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  1. Terra, thanks for visiting my blogfrog! I love your pictures. And four daughters! How blessed are you?! Look forward to seeing more of your photography!


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