Favorite Things Friday.

Ok you guys – this is quite possibly one of THE most ridiculous things I will have ever posted here. I hope it makes you all laugh because I laugh at myself when I watch it.

It’s a vlog about my favorite lip balms as requested from my last crazy vlog.

So – here you go!


And in case this doesn’t load for you (because apparently firefox hates youtube or something?)

Here is the direct link:



And it cuts off abruptly at the end because the craziness beat down my door and engulfed my room.

And in REALLY GOOD NEWS – they do still make my favorite kind. Here is a link to amazon in case you want to buy me a grip of them for Valentines Day, which is my second favorite holiday.


K bye.

Hope you all have a great day!!!



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  1. Okay, very informative lip balm information but I do believe your little ones stole the show. But before i go into their cuteness let me say I am super duper impressed that they even freakin’ knock!! Now, it sounded to me like one little knock came. You did not respond and a few minutes later one knock again and a half a second after that two knocks…it is totally the definition of….are you ready? obKNOCKSious! Oh my lands, the first little knocker went for back up. When they can plot like this it reminds me of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Love your Vlogs…been plotting my own over here. It most likely will involve kittens. Or not.
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