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So I have something exciting to tell you – one of my special needs momma friends wrote a book. A real live actual BOOK. And I am SO excited for her! I know it was a true labor of love to share her story about her journey through infertility and then her subsequent journey as a mom to a medically challenging child.

She has been doing lots of interviews and press releases and all sorts of exciting stuff as part of her efforts to promote her book, and I wanted to do my little part to help pass the word along about it.

The blog page for her book can be found at



And here is an excerpt from her book, as copied from that blog:

People asked us all the time when we were going to have a baby, which I really think is one of the rudest questions you can ask someone. You just do not know what a couple might be going through and this question became quite painful to even hear, as if we were less valuable as people without children.

Then I would read in Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply,” and I felt like I was almost being disobedient to God because I could not get pregnant! As a woman, I felt completely worthless.

On a really bad day, I would almost have myself convinced that I should persuade Donnie to leave me and find a woman who could give him children. … Needless to say, these were very dark days. Still, I continued praying and I made a vow to God that if He would simply get me through all of this, I promised I would never stop talking to Him and I would never be anything less than completely honest with Him. After all, the Lord already knows what is in my heart, so what good does it do not to be honest about everything?




mybookhere is a link to purchase her book on Amazon for yourself or for someone you know who may be going through a struggle in their faith with regards to their mothering journey.


I’m so proud of you Angie! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey as an author, and of course your continued journey through motherhood with one of the special ones~


And who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to write my own post about my own real live book you can buy!



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