Does anyone have any good cheese?

To go with my whine???

Ugh. sorry – this won’t be a fun one tonite folks.
During an already crazy day (many dr phone calls, therapy, newborn photo session, cranky babies who needed naps, more therapy, chiropractor appts, dance, grocery shopping….) – I get a fun call from the school nurse. When the school nurse calls, it’s never good news. Sure enough “Kealey is a very sick little girl right now, you need to come get her ASAP!”
So i throw the babies in the car half clothed, drive like a banshee over there, and find out she has a 103 degree fever, very nauseous and can hardly swallow cause her throat hurts so bad. She proceeds to lay around and nap for most of the afternoon and I am meanwhile waiting for the phone to ring that Karissa is also sick!
We manage to squeeze in a trip to Walgreens where I buy every kind of med on the shelf that is known to alleviate flu-like symptoms and/or combat the flu virus. $50 later I am loading kealey up on all kinds of good stuff, purell-ing the crap outta her poor little hands, lecturing her to not breathe near kendall, and taking her temp like a madwoman every five minutes.
When we finally make it home, the babies are just melted down – Kaylen was actually BEGGING to go to bed. Unheard of. She has had days where she didn’t even nap and she could still make it till at least 6:30, and even then, we just put her to bed cause of the meltdowns. Nope. Kaylen HAD had a nap this morning, and still brought me her pajamas, asked very nicely to please have a bubba (bottle), and go nigh-nigh. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I complied.

And then the phone call came.

Karissa had puked all over her dance teacher, the dance studio, and the hallway. Thanks to a dear amazing friend, she went and picked up my puke-covered child and brought her home so i didn’t have to pack up two sleeping babies and a sick one for a trek across town to get another sick one. So Karissa walks in the door and is just burning up – sure enough she’s just under 103, but is clearly more sick than kealey, just laying around, puffy eyes, not wanting to eat, drink or move even….
so sad for my babies!
Just then – another dear amazing friend brings by a little slice of heaven (aka portillo’s chocolate cake), and i could have just cried. It was just such an awesome gesture on it’s own, but for God to have directed that she bring it right then – it was like a little hug from heaven – that things will be ok. As close as I am to panicking over Kendall getting this, or to losing my mind about having sick kids at home all day tomorrow, I know it will be ok.
I am really just kind of record-keeping here tonite, with this post. Just logging what/when/how the sick season of 09-10 started. Because I am sure that whatever this is, it isn’t going to be the last of it.
I am relatively sure it’s not the swine flu, although I first thought that because of how quickly it hit both of them, and how hard they went down – but I haven’t heard of anyone else I know having this much nausea/vomiting with it. So then i think, ok it must be a GI bug – but typically you don’t spike real high fevers with a viral illness of that nature. So i am kinda just baffled by it.
Tomorrow I will probably lock the sickies in their room with some craft projects and the dvd movie player and some snacks and drinks just to try to at least prolong the inevitable passing to their younger sisters. Although I have a bad feeling I’ll probably wake up to a sick/warm/possibly puking Kaylen, and it really is just a matter of time then for Kendall.
I am praying praying praying that maybe its some fluke thing the girls picked up at school, and that it goes through quick. Right now, the party is still on as planned! We will go buy a few dozen cans of oust and lysol and kill every possible germ in this place if we need to!
But you know – maybe we’ll just wake up to fever free babies, and lots of happy smiles all around.
yeah, i’ll hope for that. that sounds like a great plan!

i hope this nite finds you all happy and healthy.

thanks for checking in on us. it is always so very very appreciated!

One last exciting tidbit – my dear daddy has worked so very hard on writing an awesome book that has been published and just today became available for the Kindle reader through! the hard copy print version will be available within the next two weeks! I am so excited for him to see this dream realized and so very proud of him for seeing it through! We’ll have lots to celebrate on Saturday!
Love you daddy!

Ok now i’m really done. I do’nt know whether to go to bed to try to get some sleep or make a pot of coffee so i can stay awake during the inevitable long nite of sick crying babies…

but i think the bed is winning out right now.

Is it Friday yet?


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  1. Terra, Be encouraged. One of my best friends’ wife just had her baby. The child was birthed into a house with all 4 other family members deep in the swine flu. Nic, my buddy actually was running in between the toilet to throw up and back to help with the birth the entire time. Once the child came, Nic locked himself in a room for a week with the youngest (3 year old) who also had it. The Good News! Neither the mom or the child ever had a hint of the flu! The Lord fully protected them from it! God is good and knows what can be handled.

    Remember, “There’s a fourth man standing there in the fire! You’re Not Alone!”

  2. Sweet motherhood! Remember when all five of you did it to your dad and I? The washer and dryer went all night. We do pray for Kendall and you to stay healthy. Praying for K1amd K2 to feel lots better today. Talk to you soon.

  3. so you can’t leave it out there about your Dad and not give his name or title. So share already. And I hate to tell you that swine flu does occassionally (why is that lighting up spelled incorrectly?) with vomiting. My cousins’ boys had it – one got horrible GI stuff with it; the other did not. You may want to clear your calendar. Dang it. I am PRAYING for you!!!!!!

  4. Oh heck with it. I think you should go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.

    And eat lots of cheese.

    Or reeses peanut butter cups.

    Praying for you today, Terra.

  5. Ooh, Terra, I thought about you when I didn’t see Karissa on the bus. She usually peeks out the window and waves to me. I hope this passes quickly. Could it be food poisoning?

  6. We will be praying—-more!!! I just figured out how to leave a comment – I think. Yeah- anyway we are really proud of your Dad too!!!! And YOU!

  7. Hoping the sick has left the building? So coooool your Dad has been published. DO share the title. What a fantastic accomplishment. I like the p-nut butter cup idea. I actually saw the writing on the wall with the sick here and started consuming tons of yummies (figuring I’d lose it all anyway, right?) and I never got sick that way. So, I might be 10lbs heavier, but warded off the sicks.

  8. So I think I found your dad’s book, if the answer is “Now I have confirmation you inherited your technogeekness” ;p