Keep moving forward

Little by little – i see changes in my baby. I mean, I see changes in all my babies, but more specifically in Kendall Quinn.

It is both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.

Exhilarating for the obvious – she is gaining strength, and stamina – endurance and ENERGY like i have never seen in her before. This is, in turn, allowing her to finally put all that therapy to use and move towards gaining new skills! it is AMAZING to see the new ways she is figuring out how to use her arms and legs; indeed, she is finally realizing that she HAS arms and legs, and that SHE can control them!

Frustrating because i have been bugging her docs for almost six months now to please just try these supplements (B12, carnitine, both, either, something similar – ANYTHING to see if it would help her energy levels!) And to see such AWESOME and quick responding results – well, darn-it-all, I want to scream at someone. Why did it take having her levels (of the bad acid) build up to this point before it got taken seriously? How much more could it have helped her during some of her crises? how many fewer crises would she have had to endure in the first place? But you know, I can’t go there. I can’t question the past because it has already happened, nothing can change it. I can still hold a tiny little grudge because, well, I’m just grudgy like that.

But we will move forward and look forward.

"Around Here, However, We Don’t Look Backwards Very Long,
We Keep Moving Forward, Opening Up New Doors And
Doing New Things, Because We’re Curious…
And Curiosity Keeps Leading Us Down New Paths." – Walt Disney

i love this quote by Walt Disney. It sums up how I feel about life for all my kids, but most especially at this time of her life, Kendall Quinn. For so much of her little life she has put all her energy towards surviving, towards breathing and breathing out and keeping that heart pumping and that brain growing and it took a LOT of sleep to just do that. The rest of the time she was content to just watch the crazy life of her family going on around her.

But now – now we’re headed down the right path. Now we’re opening new doors and doing new things. And we keep moving forward.

There is no guarantee of what lies behind the next new door, or what moving forward will bring us to.

But onward we go. With our hope. Our prayers. Our friends and our family by our side.

So that’s my random rambling for today.


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