December Daily the 10th.


Oh how i love Fridays. Always have and always will. Something about the whole weekend looming large with all its fun and promise of excitement and mostly lack of school just gets me all giddy.

This particular Friday should have been titled “running around like a chicken with my head cut off”. It was just one thing to the next, as is often the story of my life. Trying to cram 72 things into the space that maybe three things will fit into.

Met with the beautiful bride and her beautiful mother for a wedding i am shooting next weekend. Took Kaylen with me cause i was late to pick her up from preschool after having a friend come play so her mommy could go be the mystery reader at school and then having Memaw and Poppa stop by for a few minutes. Ran home to throw Kaylen in bed so I could run to school to help in Karissa’s class.

and after that I am drawing a complete and total blank. But so is Ben. So it must not have been exciting. Let’s just say we all went to bed. yes. that sounds about right.


But before we went to bed, i had some help cleaning.

From the world’s best cleaning crew ever.

Nothing like using some oven cleaner, window cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner on the table.

and before you call the authorities at the fact that my children are playing with cleaning products and in fact, the metabolic one has just squirted some of it onto her hands and patted it on her cheek – it’s all natural. i have to do a post soon about how we are switching all of our cleaners over to being natural, chemical free healthy alternatives. I know. Don’t be shocked. It’s very much unlike me to care or even notice (or heck, even KNOW) that the cleaners have chemicals in them. But – I’m trying. I promise to post more about it soon. i know you’re waiting with bated breath.



Hope you had a fun Friday~


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