December Daily. Intro.

{Editor’s note: I have no idea what I am doing. Or how this will all be possibly moved around once I figure out what i AM doing. So this post may just be a lot of nonsense. Feel free to skip it. and the next 2 or 3 that are just my usual mindless drivel. Kthanksbai.}

To my beautiful baby girls:

In typical mommy fashion, I am rushing in last minute with this GREAT IDEA for a project. It may mean that it won’t turn out like I had hoped or planned, or it may be that it fizzles out within a week. It’s hard to tell with me.

But the goal behind this book is this – to help us capture the real meaning of this magical season.

To help you see that magic is in Christmas, and Christmas is magic.

And that’s not at all meant to diminish or undermine the very real and true REASON for this season, that being Jesus Christ and His birth here on earth, giving of his very self to live among us. But that even in that story, you can see the “magic” of the impossible coming true. Of unlikely heroes. Of joyous events. Of something huge happening just when you think all hope is lost.

This year, perhaps for the first time since any of you were born, Christmas will not be a big production. There is very little money left over in ANY month for any kind of frivolous fun things, and there certainly will not be a lot of presents piled under the tree. But what your daddy and I are hoping you see this year, and in every subsequent year from here on out – is that it’s so not about the presents. Yes they are fun. And yes Santa CAN sometimes manage to get that one item that you wished for/hoped for/possibly even PRAYED to unwrap on Christmas morning. THAT is the magic of Christmas. But the magic is about so very much more.

It is about realizing our biggest gift is the salvation we have in Jesus because of His coming that we celebrate at christmas. It is about realizing that being together as a family – for as many years as we are all blessed to be able to do so – is the best gift of all. It is about realizing that every Christmas that we get to spend at home, and not in a hospital, is an amazing gift. it is the magic of seeing the lights on the trees and the houses, and the snow, and the hustle and bustle of “the holidays”. It is all of it. The many little things and the amazing big things that make Christmas, Christmas.

I hope to be able to capture some of that for you through these stories and pictures of what December 2010 looked like.

Hoping this is a very Merry Christmas for you, no matter what!

i love you.



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