December 2.

Slightly less crazy than the first.

And decidedly more funner.

Because I got to spend mucho time working on my December Daily actual scrapbook.


And because I felt like Ben and I were actually COMPLETELY on the same page with what we are hoping to accomplish this year for our babies through this season. While I have long wanted to ride “the Polar Express” train here locally (where the metra trains transform to a holiday themed train for a day and do magical things), it has been either a.)impossible to get tickets, b.) impossible to find details about getting the tickets before they are impossible to get, or c.) completely unworkable with our schedule. After he had read a post from a friend on Facebook, I get this text yesterday morning: “so I guess it looks like we’re ridin’ a train then on Sunday?” I know its dorky – but it made me smile so big. And I guess to understand how huge of a thing it is to have ALL of us in “the Christmas spirit”, especially this early, and on such a hard to have it year – you’d almost have to have known the Benj who used to work on the dock or in a building, vs. the often-travelling Ben we have now. anyways – it’s an amazing difference, and one I am grateful for every day. (but especially more so between Thanksgiving and New Year’s!)blog2j


We had so much less running around to do.

Except we still had three therapies – two for kendall, one for the big girls – and they all happened to be within the same, oh, two hour time frame. As usual.

At least I had my favorite creamer ever to help get me through. i swear this stuff is the REASON i drink coffee.

We got the tree put up, which the girls absolutely LOVED doing and they did such a great job really sticking with the task at hand (for the first time EVER i think!). Including getting the ornaments up. Which the kitties then spent most of the nite knocking down. So the bottom like three feet of our tree has no ornaments on it. But if you just look UP – it looks gorgeous!

(and now it is december 4th and I have forgotten any other details of this day that I had originally wanted to blog…so i’ll shut up now!)

It was an awesomely awesome day though – definitely a good leap towards our Magical Christmas!



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