December 7.

( i have just caught up four days in approximately two hours….oy. but i am DETERMINED to not get behind!)

today was another semi-whirlwind day.

i had forgotten allllll about our early morning appointment with allergy/immunology. our poor nurse had to run in and immediately start packing bags while I threw breakfast at everyone, gathered up paperwork, threw babies in cars and peeled out of the garage, cursing the garage door that refuses to shut in the freezing cold weather, and driving like a bat out of a cave to the appointment. Luckily it was “close” (as kendall appointments rarely are!), and we were there on time.

it was a long appointment that needs its own post, which I will get to! – but it really threw our whole day off.

After the appointment, I took Kendall and Cindy home for naptime, took Kaylen to preschool, got  a call from Cindy that she was sick and needed to go home, got home just in time to wake kendall up and run to get the girls from school and drive to dance.


And then they fell asleep.

And I got to just drive around.

with a starbucks chai latte in hand. And look at the gorgeous lights while listening to Christmas music on the radio. And be so totally in awe of the many amazing gifts we receive every single day that we take for granted while trying to run around and find other gifts that could ever match that which truly means the most to us…

Like being able to have a starbucks gift card from a friend who just KNEW i would need one sometime this season.

Or having my babies snuggled safely in a {mostly} warm car on a cold nite.

And not having to deal with some of the big bad scary medical things that some of my friends have to go through this and every nite.

I am learning to not take it for granted.

I am learning to be so very grateful for my blessings.

I am learning to cherish every moment. Even the ones where my favorite shirt is getting marked up with a marker. while its still on my body. And there are bodily fluids…far too many bodily fluids….to be cleaned up every day. All of those moments.

I want time to slow down – just a little bit.

Our picture today is courtesy of Kaylen Hope, aspiring photographer.

December 3-7 101


peace out.


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  1. I need photoshop like you needed that starbucks. Cant explain but just do. Wish I lived closer, I’d love to take my nieces for a weekend to give you time to just sit without the hassle of calling mommy. I love you big sis, praying for the Atkinson family daily!

    • awww doobs – you made me cry! i love you! and to my darling husband – i love you. it was my interpretation of art history that i’d like to preserve.

      zesty – DYING laughing at the rectal temp apps!!!

  2. Kaylen’s pic is awesome! She’s hired! We need her on board for all those wedding detail shots.
    Keep lovin, laughin, and finding random apps for your phone that take your rectal temp.

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