Catch up.

I WILL fill every day of that stupid June calendar! Even if I have to go back and make up absolutely boring drivel just to do so!

I think I left off on June 4th…….what were we doing June 4th….

anyways – oh – the girls were out of school and it was our second full day of summer vacation!  But i don’t remember what we did. Except I do think it involved a ridiculous amount of running around for some reason…

I hope we are able to have a great summer break this year – WAY less hospital and doctors visits hopefully, and lots more fun and relaxation. It has already been much warmer this year than last year was, so hopefully that means lots more days at the pool (which we have affectionately dubbed “Club Zero” because our good friends have an awesome pool in their backyard and are so very generous to let everyone come over nearly every day) – it is awesome.

So here are some “Happy Last Day of School” pics to help fill in the blog blanks!

I have no idea why I have none of Karissa. This doesn’t actually surprise me at all, I just don’t know why there are none.  Oh yes – she was flitting off to playdates all week.

anyways – there’s one catch up post down!



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