But I don’t wanna go to caw-idge!!!

Life with Karissa, Part 983:

Scene: driving home from DANCE CLASS, discussing whether we should get Chick-Fil-A for dinner or not

Mommy: So sissy – when people are trying to get you to do your dance moves or your facials, it’s not cute to run away and do your whiney tuck and roll thing anymore. That’s what babies do. You are a big girl and you should be proud of how good you are at dance!

Karissa: {whines and does the tuck and roll thing – it’s truly a sight to behold}

Mommy: Sis – seriously. It’s because mommy and daddy are so proud of each of our baby girls! It’s why we have Kaylen spell her name out loud for anyone who will listen, and Kealey do her contortionist stretchy flippy things, and you do your dance stuff – because we are PROUD of you!

Karissa: But mommy, I want to always be your baby girl.

Mommy: Ok, well, you’ll always be our Baby Boog. Kealey is Baby Girl, Kaylen is Baby Budgetblog4 , you are Baby Boog, and Kendall is….still just Baby. But you’ll ALWAYS be our babies. It’s like how I’m still Poppa’s Baby Girl – I can go get a hug from him anytime I need, cause I will always be his baby girl. Even when you’re as old and as big as mommy, you’ll always be my baby.

Karissa: But what about when I go to college.

Mommy: {and I promise I am not skipping around in this conversation, this is seriously how her mind jumps around} Yes of course still when you go to college! when I went to college, I missed my family a LOT. But I made new friends, and then I met your daddy, and then we made our own family! but I still always saw the rest of my family.

Karissa: INSANE LOUD SOBBING FROM THE BACKSEAT – “But I don’t wanna go to caw-widgggggggggggge!!!!!!!”

Mommy: rolls eyes and tries to figure out what she said that was so worthy of inducing these sobs….{sigh} Sissy – you can hardly even write your own name yet…we got a LONNNNGGG way to go before we even start talking about college! now – how ‘bout some nuggets?!?!?!?!


DSC_0260 For the record – she’s 6. Years old. I have no idea how the college part of this equation even got brought up, let alone became such a topic of hardship. But that’s Karissa, God bless her. She’s a special kid, with a heart as big as Texas and not a vindictive bone in her body. And sometimes she is a tiny little clone of me and other times I have no idea how I birthed such craziness. But she is amazing.

all of them are. I am blessed. I am thankful. I just wanted to get this little Karissa story down. Because while some days I feel like there will never be a time when I am not cleaning up puke or bile or diapers or changing sheets or feeling for fevers in the middle of the nite or letting babies wipe their snotty noses on my shoulder…I know that soon there will be a day where I will actually miss all of that. And i feel like maybe I have just been in such hardcore survival mode for the past couple of years that I don’t take enough time to remember, really truly appreciate, all these wonderful little things that make them, them. My crazy beautiful sometimes-overly-emotional and usually very hard to understand little girls.

come to think of it…

i don’t really want them to go to college either…

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  1. I’m pretty sure my cousin was about the same age when he freaked out about going to college. Of course, my sister was starting college at the time, so at least it was being talked about in the family…. Gotta love our crazy babies.

  2. Loved this. Yes, I saw the tuck and roll on Sunday when she gave me her coloring page for my gift. And when I made mention of her teeth growing in. But she is still the cutest, most loving and precious child. Love her!

  3. Kendall is 2?! i missed this! I saw the video. she’s so adorable! Shes’ had such a rough year.