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Just some random questions tonite. If anyone has any of the answers – please feel free to enlighten me! Leave a comment or email me:

November 2009 098 Why do I crave so much cake? and why is it always at bedtime? This disturbs me greatly. I am not a dish-out-half-a-gallon-of-ice-cream-and-scarf-it-like-its-December-20-2012 type of person. There may or may not be a person like that in this house. But it’s not me. Nope. My drug of choice is cake. Usually Portillo’s chocolate. But i’ll take whatever i have laying around. Like the half-dry attempt at pumpkin cake I have on the counter now. It may or may not be the cream cheese frosting that is the redeeming quality of that cake.

Why don’t people’s eyebrows on Survivor grow out of control? I mean, honestly. I would like to know who these people are going to to get their waxes did. And no I am not even going to attempt to think about other body hair. I am only concerned with their eyebrows.

Do you crank up the central heat, or do you use space heaters? and if you have a real live fireplace to heat your house – I don’t want to know that. It will induce fits of jealousy that will not be pretty. I promise. But i do want to know how you avoid the frozen fingers and toes that come with actually being able to afford your heating bill in the winter.

how easy do you think it is to spay your own kittens? I am not considering this, for the record. DSC_0044 I’m just interested.

A friend and I are considered possibly going to a Black Friday sale at Mall of America. On Black Friday. Are we insanely idiotic? Or bargain=hunting goddesses?!?!?! (Interesting side note: remember when it used to be called “the megamall”?? Like peeps from minnesuckta were actually IN AWE of the huge mall the size of a city there in the CITIES donchaknowhey? This actually makes me laugh out loud like remembering watching monchichi cartoons with my bro’s back in the day…randomness of randomnicity.)

I am thinking I should stop talking now. Or stop consuming sugar. Probably both.

And I will. But one last randomness. See the Facebook thingy over there ——>? It’s over there, scroll down if you don’t see it. Click it if you are on FB. I know it’s stupid. I know there’s more than 31 of you here. Mostly because I have mad math skillz. {True Life: I had to call a friend AND use a calculator today to help Kealey figure out her homework – what’s 11×11? ITS A BRAINTEASER i promise you.} anyhoo – be a terratalking blog fan. It won’t sign you up to own a timeshare or even give you spam mail. It just makes me happy. But if you are a cruelhearted individual who does not believe in spreading happiness….I don’t have any words for you. i’m too distracted by thinking about m&m’s. But I think bad things will happen to you in general if you don’t want to spread happiness.

I have hackey children upstairs. I myself am hackey. We will all sleep in sweatshirts tonite to hopefully decrease the hackeyness. And maybe my randomness will have calmed down by then.



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  1. We use a space heater. A nice cheap space heater. I am also making slippers and recommending the use of sweaters and snuggies. It is way too hot upstairs if we actually turn the heat up enough to heat the downstairs. I am intrigued at the idea of doing the plastic sealer thing with the hair dryer, but i am afraid of taking paint off the walls.

    • ben did do the blow dry thingy one year- but I don’t think it made a huge difference. I am thinking we just need more space heaters here.

  2. It’s so funny that some of the stuff in my head comes out on your blog – and for the record, emily – we have done the plastic blowdryer thingy and it has not pulled off paint – but your paint is new – so maybe you shouldnt…soory – I’m no help

  3. You need to have carrot cake laying around…no guilt with veggie cake….


    We have a furnace. We have a fabulous fire place…beautiful mantel…like damn 110 year old mantel…but alas it’s a coal fire place (notice 110 years old) and I’m pretty sure it’s been sealed up. So it’s just for pretty.

    Technically if one has a veterinarian degree…it’s probably not too hard to spay the cat. You have a mommy medical degree…not sure if it transfers….

    I may be going to Joplin for black friday, or just Walmart…or just stay snuggled in my bed. Definitely will not be driving to Mineesota .

    You on Sugar…is like Keely on morphine. Absolutely Fabulous to observe from a distance.

    I will add my name to the bloggy thingy.

    And for at least kidlet #3. If you open her window just a crack…it will help the croupy stuff stay away. It would help kidlet #4 as well…but too much other medical crappola to be able to pull that one off.

    • LOL – yes! everything!!! so gross about all the body hair. but the eyebrows – dang. They just always look so GOOD on the ones who have obviously had them waxed.

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