A Catch Up {of sorts}

Before I can even think of sitting down to do a full update on all that has transpired in our house over the past couple of weeks (months? even I’ve lost track…) I have to get a few things in place. I’m going to put my checklist here so you can get a small glimpse into part of the crazy hullaballoo!

  • Call CMH and order a physical copy of Karissa’s January MRI to send to her neuro and neurosurgeon
  • Schedule a followup MRI at CMH for July
  • Have a followup appt with the neurosurgeon after the MRI to discuss further options
  • Schedule an ABR (sedated brain stem response hearing test) for Karissa
  • Schedule a 24 hour EEG (seizure activity) test for Karissa
  • Get Karissa cleaned out. (yes i mean her bowels. this will be round 2 or 3.)
  • Get Kaylen cleaned out.
  • Create charts for everyone.
  • Kaylen needs a poop chart and a fluid intake chart.
  • Karissa needs a poop chart, fluid intake chart, and timed voiding chart.
  • Kealey needs an attitude adjustment chart and chore chart.
  • Kendall’s life is charted by the nurses.
  • Kaylen needs followup with a doctor up in milwaukee with a doctor who is an expert in “CVS” (I’ll explain more about that in her followup detail post!)
  • Kendall was scheduled for surgery on July 9th for a procedure to keep her bladder from exploding, but the surgeon scheduled vacation that day, so now we are scrambling to reschedule surgery in between dance chaos.
  • The governor of our state signed into law the “Nazi Bill” I mean the Medicaid Reform Act which means that as of September 1, we either check Kendall into a hospital or we go back to the crazy way our lives were prior to nursing care/coverage. This item alone has about 89 subset items on the list of people to call, lists to be added to, doors to knock on, etc.
  • The big girls and I leave for Branson MO for Dance Nationals on June 28th. I need to have them make sure their costume pieces are all together, pack snacks/food for the week, make sure the other two are covered while Ben is at work that week, etc.
  • Karissa needs two more followup appts with the psychotherapist, but insurance isn’t a fan of covering them. They are actually revealing a lot of very helpful information, but we haven’t gotten the final report/diagnoses yet. We have already put a “504” plan into place for her at school next year based on the info we do have, and that makes me feel a bit more secure in her starting 3rd grade.
  • IMG_3828 My house is a disaster area because all four girls are at home now, and causing me to have to abandon plans to accomplish some of the above because they are “SO SO SO SO BOOOOOORRRRRRREEEDDDDDDD”, and/or their own plans to entertain themselves cause an even further mess to be created.
  • Did i ever mention that the cat that bit Ben got outside one day and we never saw him again? He did. That was 2 months ago. 2 days ago I get a call from Animal Control for our city lecturing me up one side and down the other for being an irresponsible pet owner. He got a lesson of his own on who to NOT lecture in that high and mighty voice. Let’s just say the paperwork for my misdemeanor was ripped up in his office. The kitty is now back at home with us. More drama I did not need.


I think that is the past month or so in a nutshell. you see how this could be possibly a few hundred pages worth of a blog post? So – lemme go get a few of these things crossed off and i’ll be back to fill in the blanks, answer questions, etc.

Hope you are all having an awesome Friday! I miss “chatting” with some of you via FB posts, emails, comments, etc. Sorry I’ve been holed up in a cave of sorts, but I’m ready to be back in action – so say hi or something if you’re still around!!!

Peace out party people.



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  1. Love it! Remember you were never allowed to say you were bored or you got to do alot of work. Maybe that is why you liked reading so well and still do!

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