Who is Terra?

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Gosh – I wish I could answer that for you in a nice little summed up sentence or two.

But – that’s highly unlikely to happen.IMG_2299

Mostly because I just don’t know when to shut up, but also because with my many psychoses strange habits, varied interests, multiple personalities facets, and flair for the dramatic – I am hard to sum up! I am defined by my faith in a loving God, even if that means sometimes bad crappy things happen; by being a mom to four amazingly awesome beautiful little girls, whose names all start with K and who we refer to as K1, K2, K3 and K4; by being married to my best friend, a man who is SO OPPOSITE to my personality its a wonder we haven’t killed each other yet; by my wicked spelling skillz and my faux medical degree. And by so much more…

I just wanted a place to store all of my stories and thoughts and showcase my awesomesauce digital scrapbooking pages I was creating for my baby girls’ memories. And then something stupid happened and I lost a lot of that early stuff due to the site being hacked. So it picks back up in 2007, while we were waiting for our third baby girl to be born.
I started out just wanting to write. To share the stories of our crazy days as a way to look back on someday, have a place to put pictures with the stories and have it all saved nice and neatly. It was the fun new thing to do, and I don’t think I even had a point most of the time. I don’t even remember what that blog address was…Anyways. I realized I enjoyed getting down some of our family memories, random stories about our crazy days (because we are THAT family that only the craziest stuff will happen to – like when the mop bucket set off the smoke alarm, or the crazy birth story of Hurric ane Kaylen.) I loved the thought of learning about blogging and social media and connecting with friends from all over the country. So I wrote, and the friends came. And life was good.
And then we found out that Kendall was coming (even though she didn’t have a name until the week before she was born!) And life changed.
in a big way.

My blog took on a life of its own when our fourth daughter, Kendall Quinn, was born, and needed to go right to the NICU. I was overwhelmed with emotions, and used the blog as my outlet for those emotions, and to keep our family and friends updated on her condition. The outpouring of love and support we received at that time was amazing. And again a few short weeks later when she needed to be ambulanced to the hospital, the blog became our lifeline to the outside world, my journal to remember all the medical terminology we were learning in this new world we had been thrust into, my own personal therapy sessions. Because as I would write (speak/process/blurt out whatever was on my mind), people responded. And have continued to respond even today, as we continue with the ups and downs of  life, our way.

so thanks for stopping by. I am really so very glad you are here. I would LOVE IT if you let me know you were here. You don’t have to comment on every blog post (even though that would seriously make my day if you did!), but drop me one little note to introduce yourself. I love nothing more than to hear from people who have read the blog, that they are praying for Kendall, or for me, or for the other girls, or for all of us. (Most everyone prays for Ben, who needs all the help he can get as the only male in this household of girls!) If you have questions, ask them! I spew out medical terms that of course I know the meaning of, but some people have no clue what I mean. I am happy to explain anything about our day to day lives. Unless of course its something I can’t explain. Like why my children choose to dress like orphans when they have plethora CUTE clothes in their closet. I have no earthly idea.

So welcome to Terra Talking, my little corner of the world wide web. you never know what you’re gonna get most days. But you’ll always get ME – good bad and ugly. Hopefully more good, less ugly. and hopefully you’ll laugh a little bit. Because “you have to laugh at yourself sometimes, otherwise you’d cry your eyes out” (as quoted by the Indigo Girls on 1200 curfews live. Fave Band of all time.)

Somedays I feel like i’m still figuring out myself a little bit. Glad you’ve decided to come along on the journey.


peace out, party people.