Where Have I Been?

oh my lord.

I feel like it has been AGES since I blogged. AGGGGGGEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. (You have to say that like Chris Farley in “Black Sheep” when he gets pulled over for driving 7 miles an hour and says “Rooooooooowwwwwwww-addddddddddd” is such a funny word! If you haven’t seen the movie, please, do yourself a favor and go rent it or add it to your Netflix queue right now. I refuse to have further conversations with you until you have seen it.)

I digress. (I am good at that by the way. in case you haven’t noticed.)

Uhhhhh, I’m stalling.

So anyways, ummmm, remember my last post about feeling sick and thinking I had finally narrowed down what the problem was?

Yeah. For those of you not quite “with it” enough to read between the lines…..

That would be Atkinson offspring NUMBER CUATRO – coming soon to a crazy family near you in November 2008.

Shock. Utter utter shock. That is all I can say about it. I am slowly making my way towards excitement. It’s not that I DON’T want a fourth baby – I was just thinking…you know…a little more time between babies would have been nice. As it is – this baby and Kaylen will be 16 months apart. I know this isn’t tragic by any means. But I have NEVER had two in diapers at the same time. Never had to use a double stroller. Never had to use the one crib for two babies. Or figure out how to arrange two sleeping babies. These are the things that keep me awake at nite. That and the constant peeing. Again. I feel like i have been pregnant forever. Like i never really got a glimpse back of MY body, only for me. I apparently got pregnant towards the end of breastfeeding Kaylen. When I called the midwife to get an appointment to confirm these fun things, they asked me the date of my LMP (that’s last monthly period for you uninitiated). September of 2006. Do you KNOW how strange that is????? I mean, I am not complaining about Aunt Flo’s lack of visits by any means. But still. Its not normal.

So how did I find out…

Well. i had been thinking that I felt so crappy because my thyroid was just whack from the hormones of breastfeeding, trying to exercise again, all that happy horsecaca. But it was just this HORRIBLE feeling every day of nausea, wretched tiredness, headaches, blurry vision – in a nutshell I thought i was dying. I thought my thyroid had just up and quit completely on me and that within weeks I would be back in the land of pills and anti-depressants and therapy that I landed up in after Karissa was born. I was just waiting to hit bottom in this long tunnel I felt like I was falling through. One night though it just hit me, oh my gosh, what if I’m pregnant? Well then I started looking back through blog archives and whatnot and realize – I haven’t felt right since the middle of FEBRUARY!!!! And of course the only test I have in the house is like a 7 year old Ovulation Predictor test. Not helpful per se, but hey, when you’re desperate you’ll pee on almost anything that might possibly change colors. (And guys in the audience, I truly am sorry that you’ll never know that thrill, of having magical color-change powers in your urine.) So I pee on the OPK  test. It turns IMMEDIATELY positive. uhhhhh……ok. not really helpful.At this point I’ve either been ovulating for 8 weeks straight (that’s a LOT O EGGS), or….i’m knocked up.

RUN out to wally world the next day and pick up about 6 boxes of tests. (Cause you know we  women never believe just one). come home and take them all concurrently. All of them show up positive before the control line even shows up. Fo Sheezy.

So I am stunned.

Long story short – I get in with the midwife the next morning, she confirms that indeed I am pregnant, somewhere between 8 and 14 weeks, and sends me for an ultrasound the next morning. At that time, I was 9 weeks and 6 days. In one more week I will be in my 2nd Trimester – and THANK GOD for that. I am so over this sickness and tiredness. so ready to feel semi-normal again.

not quite ready for the adventure that awaits us this fall….but I will get there.

The circle of life is a funny thing. I am still processing a lot of this.

So that’s it. that’s where I’ve been. hiding under my rock of shock and awe. and running to the toilet every 20 minutes or so.

So….comment away.

and before you ask – yes i AM aware of how this happens. Sitting on the toilet seat in the mall without decorating it first – just like I learned in high school. It’s either that or kissing. Either way – stay away from both.

that’s my advice for the day.

More to come later I am sure. I have lots of feelings to process.

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  1. Congrats!!! What a surprise! I would probably have a heart attack if it were me!! I actually miss having babies in the house. I would almost be jealous if you didn’t already have one in diapers. I did that with my first two kids. They are a year and two weeks apart. My dues dates were a year and three days different!!
    Its a lotta worl but totally fun!
    Good luck!

  2. I KNEW IT!!! The minute you said you were working on something…I knew. Congrats! I know you’re in shock, but how’s Ben doing? Eric would literally fall to the floor if that happened to me. I am a little jealous, though. See you soon!
    Faith 🙂

  3. wow! i have no other words…wow! i so did not expect this!! and so far along…at least your almost over the 1st trimester yucks – blew right through that didnt’cha…

    i guess after reading that post, i don’t have to ask what you’ve been up to! LOL

    take care!

  4. Holy Smokes!!! Congratulations!! You’ll have to tell me how life with 4 is. I’m pretty settled on 3 but every so often I think “Maybe 4…..”

    Well I’m praying for an easy pregnancy, a healthy baby and for not a soul to ask you “So are you hoping it’s a boy?”

  5. umm… so i knew about the baby and have said congrats and such, but im instead posting to be a turd and call you out. or – at least if memory serves correctly. cuz otherwise you get to call me out in turn cuz im a fool.

    if i recall correctly, it wasnt chris farley stoned in the back seat of the car unable to say “road”, it was david spade… as chris farley was the one to recognize that he was stoned and kept a straight face for the cop… or something like that…

    man i shoulda just kept my mouth shut. i dont know whats going on. we need to play rock band again. i downloaded some more songs that desperately need “full band” attention instead of lonely old loser me playing in my living room at low levels of volume so as not to wake up the child…

  6. Holy moly!!! Congratulations, girlie!! We were just having the would we ever want 4 discussion this morning. If I had the patience, we so would. I may just live vicariously through you 🙂 Think of how much fun it will be!!

  7. bryan – don’t even front like you have seen the movie.
    and explain what it is that you don’t get.

  8. omg. lol. this is da craziest. Why doesn’t anyone wait until Lindsy and I are ready to have kids? Are kids aren’t going to have any friends in the family….Congrats though!!!!!

  9. Congrats!! I pray for a normal pregnancy and fast birth and finally a very healthy baby. I have two November babies and let me tell you I hate having a little baby in the cold and so close to the Holidays. I can’t wait to hear more about this lovely new child and how life is in the cold north. In case you were wondering it has been in the 90’s for a month now and is only going to get hotter this summer.

  10. Congratulations! This is too funny. I hope it’s a boy because then you’ll be like my family and I can psycho-analyze all your kids and compare them to the Williamsons. Doesn’t that sounds like fun!?!?

  11. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Oh man T. I am soooo haaaaappy for you!!! Whooohooooo!!!!!! Congrats sweetie. (Will you kill me if I hope it’s a girl?)