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Trying to get stuff done today – but kaylen is really not having any part of that.


I have at least gotten the vacuuming done, and three loads of laundry folded and put away. Now to just finish the floors, the dishwasher, and start on the bathrooms.

Kaylen’s meds are definitely helping, but she is still adjusting to them, and her system is still trying to work out the kinks. At least most of the Painful Screaming is gone – and i don’t get that look of desperation from her. She seems to be more comfortable throughout the day and is now trying to interact a little more with the world around her instead of spending every waking minute crying. So – we’re all slowly adjusting. I miss my Coke’s every day. And chocolate. And spicy food.

Ok once again i am not watching the time. We have to leave to go to the chiro’s office. Note to self: blog about the pigeon living in our garage, the tornado that hit near home last nite, karissa’s fever, the hospital bill, and back to school shopping questions.

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