It is hard to put thankfulness into words.

It is the kind of stuff you often don’t think about,

but feel like the earth has slipped out from underneath you

when those things are threatened.

I am thankful for so much that abounds in my life –

but this Thanksgiving,

I am especially thankful for

being together as a family, all under one roof.

my strong baby girl, continuing to fight at home, instead of the hospital.

tubes and pumps and machines that normally annoy,

yet are the key to the above two items.

the comfort of your own bed, a REAL bed, that is not a couch by day.

car seat heaters.

safe travels.

the ability to breathe through my nose (even though I currently lack that ability.)

good friends who are like family.

good family who are great friends.

not having to cook a darn thing for thanksgiving dinner.




November 2010 003


Thank you – dear Jesus – for all you have blessed us with.


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  1. What tremendous feelings and emotions you express. This Thanksgiving, I also appreciated having family as friends and friends as family. Had dinner for two (with Dad) today. Tomorrow seeing a friend who is close to me though I haven’t seen her for months. I know both feelings well and feel blessed. Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts and eloquent words.

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