September 10 ~ A Vlog.

I just wanted to make this little video of me reading this book today.

It’s hard to accurately portray why this book means a lot to me. I know it’s a little too touchy feely for some people.

But i don’t know.

Maybe you’ll like it like i did.

I think sometimes we don’t hear it enough, that it’s ok to not only LIKE who we are, but to LOVE who we are. I think somewhere along the way our culture has told us that we have to be someone else in order to be “good” or “likeable” or “worthy”….and that’s just not true.

When we have no sense of Self, it can get filled up with a whole lot of bad crap.

So listen. Take it to heart.  I hope it maybe helps someone out there as much as it helped me.

Love you party peeps~

Stay Real.

Terra Talking Tuesday.

The long awaited mascara/eye makeup vlog.


And I hope you laugh at least a little.

Tell me you did even if you didn’t. It will encourage me to keep making crazy videos. And tell me if this mascara information helped you out!


Love you, party peoples.

Share this using my cool new tabs at the bottom of the post. I like to see the little numbers light up.


Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote any of these products. In fact I’m pretty sure the companies would rather pay me NOT to talk about their stuff like this! But i love everything I used and if you like it too you should go buy some!


So – to totally go from that to this….

Here is a crazy unedited video of me and the babies reviewing the pina coca yogurt drinks i found at the mexican grocery store.

Just in case you were also in the market for pina coca yogurt drinks.

And while you’re watching it – go ahead and subscribe. With how easy it is now to do vlogs from my laptop, i’m sure i’ll be adding more awesomeness just like this much more regularly!

The girls love feedback on their videos so let us know what you thought!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!



And K3 and K4

Favorite Things Friday.

Ok you guys – this is quite possibly one of THE most ridiculous things I will have ever posted here. I hope it makes you all laugh because I laugh at myself when I watch it.

It’s a vlog about my favorite lip balms as requested from my last crazy vlog.

So – here you go!


And in case this doesn’t load for you (because apparently firefox hates youtube or something?)

Here is the direct link:


And it cuts off abruptly at the end because the craziness beat down my door and engulfed my room.

And in REALLY GOOD NEWS – they do still make my favorite kind. Here is a link to amazon in case you want to buy me a grip of them for Valentines Day, which is my second favorite holiday.

K bye.

Hope you all have a great day!!!



Life in the picu.

Realized that some of my updates may be somewhat confusing to some people, and thought i’d make a video to both help you understand what we are looking at, as well as to preserve it for the princess to understand exactly how very brave and strong she is.
It may be a little too graphic for some little eyes – because Kendall definitely is not able to move and it can be a little sad to see. So watch it with that precaution in mind, if you choose.

But otherwise, I present to you, room West515 – our home away from home! 😉

As always – if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!

thank you so much for your prayers and continued thoughts and love! Eacn and every one of you is so appreciated by me, by our family.
(and yes, it is totally ok to laugh at the part where i’m trying to show you how the hospital bed boxes get set up!)


Have a beautiful day and keep on keepin on!




Bad Kitty Bad Kitty, Whacha Gonna Do???

The long long long awaited story of court.


I should have figured out how to dub over some music for this piece of awesomeness.

I’m sorry that it’s more informative than “funny” like some of my other vlogs/drawings

Please leave some comment love if you made it all the way through this drivel!


Hope it was worth the wait!


Power to the people!


Three Years of Kendall.



Ok first a few editorial caveats about the above video.

1.) It was created in powerpoint, which does not translate well to web uploading. That should just about cover most of the issues you will see with it (which means some slides are super fast and others are super slow and this gets the music timing all off whack.)

2.) Read that first slide all the way before you hit play – reference #1 above.

3.)Also I see that it took the liberty to change a few of my fonts. I hate fugly fonts. But that is what you will now see. At least its not comic sans….*sigh*.

4.) I’ll stop complaining now and let you just watch it.


Oh also – some people have said it needs the Kleenex warning attached to it. So consider yourselves warned!


I’ll post more about the party in another update – cause I need to get all the pictures off the camera and gather my thoughts about what to say. For now, I’ll just let the video do the talking.


thanks for watching.



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