September 10 ~ A Vlog.

I just wanted to make this little video of me reading this book today.

It’s hard to accurately portray why this book means a lot to me. I know it’s a little too touchy feely for some people.

But i don’t know.

Maybe you’ll like it like i did.

I think sometimes we don’t hear it enough, that it’s ok to not only LIKE who we are, but to LOVE who we are. I think somewhere along the way our culture has told us that we have to be someone else in order to be “good” or “likeable” or “worthy”….and that’s just not true.

When we have no sense of Self, it can get filled up with a whole lot of bad crap.

So listen. Take it to heart.  I hope it maybe helps someone out there as much as it helped me.

Love you party peeps~

Stay Real.

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  1. Loved the book. I think I’ll have to track it down. You have perfect eyebrows, btw. 🙂 Love the glam look.