Surviving Week One

Oh my gosh i love this little peanut. She is SUCH a good baby! Has the usual newborn fussy period in the evening during which NOTHING makes her happy, but once we get through that to bedtime…awwwwww. She’s such a cuddlebug she just melts your heart and you forget why your ears are ringing from the deafening screams of a baby!! DSC_0044 i have a feeling she will be stuck with the nickname “peanut” for a long time to come. It is what everyone says about her when they see her for the first time – “oh my gosh! she’s such a little peanut!” Its true. She’s just squashable! She is slowly figuring out her schedule in life, and in the meantime, she is polite enough to give me at least 4 hours straight at nite. sometimes even TWO four-hour stretches…Truly, its more than i was getting at the end of the pregnancy so – no complaints here. What else has happened in her first week – her first train ride on the metra to pick up auntie kristin, her first scrap convention (CHA-Chicago), has been held by her sissies numerous times, and in general has just had to sort of glide on into life in the Atkinson household. DSC_0025


In other news…..oh wait. There is no other news! Life is pretty much wrapped up right now in just trying to adjust to life with a newborn! i have work up the yin-yang to catch up on, the laundry that never seems to end, the sleep i will never catch up on… but its a good life. Its been so much fun having kristin here for a few days, and today we got to meet Melanie from the DST Newsletter Staff. (Pics to come -she has to “approve” them first!!!)

SO – just a quick post. Here’s a few more pics from this week..hopefullly i’ll remember more stuff next week.

DSC_0002   DSC_0031   DSC_0047 DSC_0062


DSC_0126 These adorable shirts are from Auntie Becca. Kaylen’s shirt says “I’m the Little Sister”, and is from Memaw. They really looked adorable in all their outfits together. Lord help me I am going to go broke trying to dress THREE of them in matchy matchy! But come on – how can you resist those cute little faces?!?!?!? you can’t. So there you have it.


Ok. Baby’s sleeping finally. I am going to go attempt to do the same myself.

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  1. I’m wondering how daddy’s gonna handle all the boys at the door in about 16 years. Those girls should model. I’d buy whatever they are selling.