stuck on replay.

No worries – today’s post is the antithesis of the “kleenex-warning” one I posted on thursday. I like to hit a wide variety of emotions with this little blog – and today’s may border on “eye-rollingly boring” – but, you take the good you take the bad you take ‘em both and there you have the facts of life….

ok wrong genre.

Today i want to share with you a glimpse into my crazy mind and what keeps me movin – my current favorite music obsessions! When you spend as much time in the car shutting small humans back and forth to dance/hospitals/therapy/etc as I do, you need some major entertainment help! So my music becomes a part of the background of our conversations, a kind of rhythm to our days. Yes I realize this is the fluffiest post quite possibly in the entire history of Terra Talking – but if you know me at all, you know i’m all about my jams, yo. So here they are!
(And don’t worry – these are not my favorite songs of ALL TIME – these are just the current songs on replay on my ipod – the all time songs are another fluffy post for another boring day!)

1.  Burn by Ellie Goulding

  this song is actually a few months old but I just started falling in love with it a couple weeks ago. I love her voice and this video is pretty cool with the lights in the field at the end.


2. This is what it feels like  by Armin Van Buuren

Another song that was more popular over the summer but they played it so infrequently on the radio that it took me forever to figure out what it was called.


3.  Live It Up – by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

   This is one of the girls’ dance songs for this year also – so we get our “car-ography” on to this jam. (That’s when you choregraph and dance in the car – if you’ve ever pulled up next to me at a stoplight you’ll see what I mean – i am the BEST car dancer around i’m pretty sure…)


4.  White Walls by Macklemore ft Ryan Lews and Schoolboy Q Hollis

  This one really needs no intro. I love Macklemore. This song is ridiculous but has a good beat. I wanna go Thrift Shopping in grandpa’s Cadillac, yo.


5.    Danza Kuduro  by Don Omar (Fast and Furious 5)

If you can listen to this entire song and NOT move some part of your body to the beat then you might not have a pulse. you should get that checked out. It took me FOR.EV.ERRR. to find this song. Ben and I had a friendly argument going over it – he thought it was a particular dance song and I knew it sounded similar but was not that actual song. So after literally HOURS of searching on youtube for fast and furious clips, I found it. And now I love it. It is in Spanish but the basic gist of the song is “let’s go crazy dancing”. Kaylen claims she can sing it all in Spanish – and it is pretty awesome to hear her trying. Maybe that will be next week’s video feature! 😉


I’m not gonna lie – it was hard to narrow these down to just 5! But these are the songs that get me movin on a slow morning or that make the interminable traffic on my 87th trip to therapy in a week a little bit easier to handle.  I tried to find mostly “clean” versions of these songs but I apologize if I missed some!

So there you have it – a glimpse into my crazy mind. Oh there’s plenty more to come, don’t you worry. I have all my posts planned out through January, and it’s hopefully going to be a good mix of the randomness you’ve come to expect from me! I’m going to start doing something called “Favorite Things Friday” – and i’m thinking it’s going to be a Vlog usually. So if you have topics you’d like me to address – leave me a comment here or on facebook! I love when you interact with me so I know I’m not just talking to myself here! Next Friday’s is going to be my favorite lip balms since so many of you wanted to know what kinds I liked/found after my last vlog where I rambled on about that! I’m hoping I have things all set by then to do a giveaway of some of my favorite ones too!

Anyways – Hope you are all having a good weekend! It’s luckily a very low-key one over here. Good thing too since we have a whirlwind week ahead…

Peace out party people~



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  1. Only thing I’d argue with Sister is I am the best car dancer around. I too spend my time driving around. I have ten basketball games and one wrestling match this week…a lot of time in the car. …some of those games are back to back. However, I was car dancing when you were still in junior high….I am the master! Lol!

    • Oh how I wish we lived closer – i’d love to take some car-dancing skill classes from you my wiser older cousin!!! Much better than the drives I used to take with your mean brother who had me convinced that the bumps in the road were braille so blind people knew what street they were on….