Send More Kleenex.

Wasn’t I just whining about being sick last week? Well, it got even awesomer. Now I have some kind of head cold from hades and can’t breathe very well. Everything hurts. Just everything. I can’t even focus on all the crap I have to get done this week because there’s so much snot clogging up my brain.
Karissa is supposed to have her “records” appointment at the orthodontist today. Yes she is only 8. But she, like me, is missing some of her adult teeth, and from the bike accident she had when she was 5 and lost all her front teeth, they are all growing in catty-wompus. If you know me, you know I don’t believe in braces at all, so for me to have even had the consultation with the doctor (based on her dentist’s recommendation) is a huge step.  So I have to go get her out of school for that, then run her back to school so I can run back up to my eye doctor appointment where I will hopefully hear that I have the all-clear on the demon eye and can go back to wearing contacts.


If my head doesn’t explode before then. Actually that might be a relief.
And really that is all the whining I have for today.

I just needed to get that out, how crappy I feel. I’m not whining for sympathy, I promise. Because most of my truly good friends have ZERO sympathy for me – they just tell me to suck it up and get back out there!  Which I do need to do – and I will, as soon as I’m done with my pity party.  Thank God  that Ben was home this weekend  (he was originally supposed to leave yesterday again) – because I could not have survived the children with this craziness. As it is, i’m not sure how I will handle it when he leaves tomorrow morning again, but I guess I’m hopeful that i make a miraculous turn around. I just hope none of them get this. It is by far one of the most brutal colds I have had in a while. i have three secret weapon OTC meds that I use when I get these sinusy things every couple months. Not a single one of them or a combo of all three at supposedly lethal doses is even touching the pain. I’m thinking this may have something to do with the ridiculous steroid drops I’m on, but am not quite sure how steroids in my eye would go systemic, except for the fact that I can taste them when they go in my eye because they are so strong. Never mind me, i’m rambling because my brain is slowly being overtaken by mucus.

I’m going to have better/funner things to blog about soon I promise.

If you have any good insta-fixes for colds from the debil, send them my way please.

Also the kleenex.

Be well, friends.


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