For everyone who has so faithfully been praying, for those who have given of your time, resources, limited funds, and awesome cooking skills. For everyone who has left a comment, sent a card, or held us in your thoughts – this one’s for you.

I do’nt mean to make this blog always such a downer.

So here’s hoping this puts a smile on your face. it sure does mine!

I don’t think I ever gave the full update after we met with Dr. A the other day. Basically the plan is a very precarious balancing act – the 8 ounces of weight gain Kendall has had in the past week (coupled with clear breathing and a seeming slight relief from her pain) is akin to a house of cards, laid just so…

And our plan with the meds and the formula and EVERYTHING is just to back slowly away from this amazing sculpture of cards and HOPE it all stays together! We are not changing a THING. Sure, we’d LOVE to get her off a couple of her meds, but for right now, it’s hard to say which of them is doing THE trick, or which combo is just what she needed, so for now they all stay. And we hope they all keep working.

She is doing GREAT off the tube. There’s been more than a few close calls where I thought for sure we’d be dropping it again, but so far she’s managed to pull through.

So that’s the update for tonite. I have NO IDEA why there is such a massive delay between posting time, Greenwich mean time, and the time the subscription email shows up in your inbox. If you do – please email so you can help me fix it! I am also semi impressed that code I inserted TWO MONTHS ago to allow me to copy posts directly to facebook has now randomly started showing up at the TOP of each post. Weird stuffs.

Ok i am rambling. I have NO idea how i am still awake. Kendall was awake for more of last nite than she was asleep. brutal. i hope this post makes sense. but if it doesn’t, i am sure it will just blend in with the other crazy nonsensical posts.

may you all get more sleep tonite than I will! and THINK SPRING. someday it will get here.


PS – WHO got kicked off Idol last nite?> I missed it and am too lazy to google…

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  1. I’m so amazed at the work God has done in that little girl! She is truly a miracle baby. Love that smile!!! 🙂

  2. I’m sure by now you know that Matt got kicked off – but it was due time…

  3. love it. love the pics. that face is a far cry from a few weeks ago and even if it’s just a house of cards, take it! the thought that comes to mind is “faith like a child”….kids know that when they build a house of cards, it won’t stay that way forever, but for those moments, they squeal with delight and take it.

    so embrace that face, this moment, and that precious family of yours. “do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough problems of it’s own!” 🙂
    love you.

  4. That is the best, biggest smile I have ever seen on her. She looks like she is genuinely, completely happy. Oh….and she still looks like Kealey, but you’ve heard that. So happy for good news.

  5. There is nothing on earth as good as a toothless baby grin! Hands down. Coming from Kendall, it doubles as priceless…if that is even possible.

  6. I LOVED IT!! Especially the smile. I have tears but these are happy ones of relief! I still hold my breath and am going to be so thrilled with each pound that she gains. We are assured that God has something mighty for little Kendall to do. And we will give HIm all the Glory. Love and Kisses

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