Motivation Monday.

As in, I finally got a miniscule amount of it today. Probably because it is the first week in about 6 weeks that hasn’t kicked off with some sort of medical drama! Whatever the reason, it was nice to have a burst of productivity early in the morning and feel like I made a dent in this house somehow! So so so much farther to go – but baby steps are nice!

Source: via Terra on Pinterest

But it got me thinking about what really motivates me –and what is it that i’m trying to be motivated to do? This of course could end up making my brain hurt (and making for a super long and rambly and boring blog post) if I let myself get too wrapped up in thinking about it. (I like to keep things superficially real.) But what i realized is that I’m ready to start actually crossing stuff off my mile long list of “things I should get done”. Clean up the house and attempt to keep it clean. Plan meals and then actually cook them. Make achievable goals and then work to achieve them. I WANT to do all those things. Cause usually I don’t. I coast along the waves just clinging to my surfboard and hoping not to fall off. (or get my arm bitten off by a shark). But i’m tired of that. I’m ready to get out and actually surf. This metaphor made a WHOLE lot more sense in my head before getting interrupted 8209 times while trying to write this paragraph…

Anyways. The point is that I don’t usually blog about stuff like this. About what is really going on deep inside this coke-clogged brain. But I’m ready to. Talk about how i don’t feel like exercising, or did really really good and resisted a coke all day, or whatever it is. It might be about weight, or it might be about the house, or it might just be about..nothing. Kind of like this post is.

I’m starting a fall challenge with some friends on facebook. Remember last year when I tried to do 20 minutes of something every day? I think it was in September…anyways – it will be kind of like that. It’s just about baby steps. My kind of exercise! baby step to the fridge, baby step to the couch,baby step to the coffeemaker for a refill…. Anyways – i’m not sure where it will go. All i know is i gotta do somethin. need to start reclaiming my days – instead of just waiting for whatever crazy thing will happen that day to completely up-end any plans I may have been able to make.

I can DO this – the pin to the left. It takes a few minutes. It doesn’t require equipment. It may not be the prettiest form – but I can do it. Anyone wanna try to do it with me? even 3 times/day on 3 days before next monday. Who is in?

So – that’s what happened on my motivation monday. I got the motivation to actually start PLANNING my days – planning for some healthier habits in there as well. Planning for the campout i’mma do next wednesday before the chick-fil-a opens THREE MILES AWAY from my HOUSE. YES. that is a fact.

I’m full of random disjointed thoughts tonite.

I am SO excited about tomorrow’s post. I hope it makes you laugh really really really hard. Some of you will remember it from a few years ago. It better get LOTS of comments. i’ll even take an “LOL” or two as a comment!

Have a good nite.


as kendall says – “peeeece-out dooooodds.”



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