Happy 2nd day of 2011.

Kendall still won’t walk. She’s still pretty worn out from being in the hospital.

The girls are all hyped up on sugar or something – thinking its a good thing they are going back to school tomorrow.


ok the video looks to be all kinds of messed up, and its all of about 6 seconds long, but thats about as much walking as we could get out of kendall. She has a few therapies coming up this week and we’ll have them take a look at her. I’m pretty sure its not broken in any way, but its definitely tweaked – watch her right foot.

We just had a nice relaxing day (that did NOT involve all the heavy furniture moving/deep cleaning that Ben had us all doing yesterday). I actually got to enjoy a little quiet time in my craft cave downstairs, although all that I had time for was moving stuff around basically. I need to get down there and organize it…add it to the fourteen mile long to-do list.

And we all know i am just typing this so I can fill in all the little numbers on the calendar. Really = not much exciting happened this day. I should use the space to get out some thoughts on what I’d like to accomplish this year, you know, the quintessential “resolutions” post. But right now my resolution is mainly to be not this tired.

so, there.

done and blogged.


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