Essay Tea-You-Are D.A.Y. {night}

Random Update of Randomness shall now commence.

Life has been busy around here. Busier than usual even.IMG_5085

Our house is full.

A friend who is like a daughter to us is here visiting from Tacoma with her 4 month old beautiful baby girl.

Poor Ben. A house full of 7 women. He thought it was bad when it was only the 5 of us!

The girls are LOVING having their own little living baby doll to play with/feed/swing/hold/take pictures of! I am loving the extra help with dinner/cleaning/projects!

We are wrapping up final Christmas preparations – last minute shopping, we got the teacher gifts all finished up and wrapped, making (more) cookies, watching our favorite Christmas movies football games. Ok I wanted to watch Christmas movies but I don’t control the remote in this house. Maybe tonite I’ll get to watch my movies! (Because we all know i’m actually finishing this on Sunday in spite of my best intentions to blog yesterday on Saturday. Or the day before that. or the week before that!)

It seems semi-surreal to me, that Christmas is only a few days away yet here we sit going about our Sunday afternoon routine – sitting in jammies, reading, playing computer games, watching more football…Shouldn’t we be like, i dunno, making merry or something? Don’t get me wrong, we WILL do all that stuff, the stuff that makes Christmas merry. Like singing christmas carols in church, driving around looking at lights, drinking hot cocoa while we watch feel good Holiday movies, wrapping gifts. But is that what it HAS to be? Christmas really is about the feeling in your heart – of giving, and loving, and spreading joy and warmth to others around you out of the goodness of your heart. And if I ask myself if we’ve done THAT stuff, then yes. Christmas is here.

christmas2011-13 I hope that my current lack of Christmas cheer is only because I have a leaky eye and a stuffy nose and every time I turn around the littles have created another mess I have to clean up. I hope that tonight as we are all getting into Christmas finery to head to church that i get “that feeling” back. I know I will as I sit and wrap gifts tomorrow night as is my usual Christmas Eve tradition – drinking loads of coffee, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, wrapping gifts that I should have thought about wrapping weeks prior…And as I put the gifts under the tree, and imagine the excited squeals of delight as my babies view their loot from Santa, then it all hits me. All the good stuff. I’m not being very coherent today. It’s my stupid eye.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow morning. I hope it does. Nothing says Christmas spirit to me like a good old-fashioned snow storm, right??? (and i don’t wanna hear from all you haters who hate snow. Let me have my moment please!!!) CHRISTMAS = SNOW. Welcome to my world. This is how it is.

I think i’m almost done boring you to death with this bunch of random rambles…

I hope you are all having wonderful Christmas Eve-Eve’s. i hope your hearts are filled with love and whatever semblance of Christmas Spirit that makes you feel whole and fulfilled.

I’ll be back to bore you some more later!


Love and hugs –




Also – don’t forget to enter the holiday photo contest at BabbaCo! It’s super easy – and since it helps me earn a few pennies to rub together in my pocket, i’d be super appreciative if you could help spread the word and have your friends go to THIS LINK and enter also!

And a huge thank you to everyone who already has clicked, signed up for the newsletter, and entered a silly photo in the holiday contest! I really really really hope one of my awesome readers is the one who wins!

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