You did good.

Today, heaven gained two amazing mito fighters.

Today, two little boys, from totally different parts of the country and having fought two totally different mito battles on earth, got to run, got to eat whatever they wanted, got to breathe without tubes, feel the wind on their face, and RUN in ways they never could here on earth, in their failing little amazing bodies.

I like to think that they found each other right away. They both had a love for all things Star Wars and video games. I like to think that they found the other warriors who went before them – Wyatt who has been riding roller coasters in heaven since last week, Zach, Cooper, Samuel, Eithene – proud princess over them all, Megan, Emily….oh my heart breaks listing out the names of those who have gone in the last few years that we have been on our own mito journey. And I know I am missing so many more names.

Today I was rocked by the emotions of the news of these two little boys earning their angel wings.

Today, two families had to face the worst nightmare a parent can ever face.

Today I could not stop hugging my kids and telling them i love them and trying to soak up every ounce of their amazing unique personalities.

I do not know why God chooses to call these kiddos home so early. I DO know however that each of them has a special purpose for being here. They lift people up, they inspire people to be better, they teach us all a little something about getting out of the deep pools of self-pity and taking life by the horns and LIVING it to the fullest because it really is too damn short.

tonight I cannot stop thinking of my own little fighter. She is as stable as I could hope for. Today she wore underwear all day long. do you know how huge that is??? Very huge. she played with her new little kitchen with her sister for hours on end. We went and tried on Ariel costumes yesterday. Found the perfect one at Disney Store. It had a $150 price tag. so we left it there. At nap time she reminded me that her birthday is coming up and we have to get Dr. Drill and Fill Playdoh factory for her birthday. It was all i could do to not run out and buy both of those things for her instantly because we aren’t ever guaranteed one more day, one more Halloween, one more birthday.

I cannot stop thinking of something that the amazing momma of one of these little boys messaged me just last night. We were on our way into dinner and I saw a message come through – “He’s pulling a Kendall – got any ideas?”  And I answered it with what i hoped was a reassurance and asking some other questions about the situation. I immediately sent up prayers because the situation did indeed sound scary. But he is a trooper. He’s been successfully through many battles before. And if he really had pulled a Kendall, he would still be here today. But it was too huge of a battle for his weakened little body to fight.  And I cannot get those words out of my mind. I am haunted by this thought tonight.

Why are we so lucky to still have Kendall here? I have not ever fully divulged all the details of that scary night in July to anyone. A few friends have had bits and pieces of that night, but no one but Ben and I and our amazing nurses and doctors in milwaukee know the full story.  In part I can say right now that Kendall is here because she has a huge story to tell – a story of hope, of courage, of miracles that can only come from an amazing God. I am supposed to help her tell this story and I don’t know how to do it. I have breathed my lifelong dream of writing a book only to a few people – although i have had it suggested to me by so many of you. I will take any opportunity to share Kendall’s story, and to give God the glory, that I am given. I will do it because it is what I am supposed to do. Someday I will be able to tell that whole story, and you will understand.

But in the meantime, I will continue to do my best to honor her struggles, her journey, and the journey of all those who have completed their missions on earth.

to the families of the little boys who made it to heaven today – my prayers are with you. I wish you peace and strength to get through the next very tough days. I pray for the days ahead that will take your very breath away as the pain hits you anew. I pray for the families of all we have come to know who have had to bury their children’s earthly broken bodies and look forward to seeing them again in heaven someday. My heart is so very very heavy sometimes with all the sorrow on this journey.

And yet – I know it is none of those kids’ wishes that we who are left behind be sad. They all lived their lives – tubes, surgeries, medications, machines and all – to the absolute fullest. They laughed and giggled, they had favorite shows and games and characters, they had dreams and hopes just like any other little kid their age. And they had a purpose. They were sent here to teach us all how to LIVE. 

Mission accomplished, brayden and cooper and wyatt.

Hope you are enjoying your ice cream, roller coasters and nonstop xbox games. I hope you are the fastest runners, the highest jumpers, and the best bike riders heaven has tonight.

Thank you for all you taught us. Thank you for coming into our lives and teaching us about life.

You did so good.

Fly high boys~

your mommas are so proud of you.

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  1. absolutely perfect. I also lost my mito warrior and I too hope that they are all up there together enjoying what they were unable to with us… My heart bleeds for these families. I know what they are going through – so unfair xxx

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