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fudg-o-matic. enough already with the friggin contractions. i have no idea what they are, and i have given up trying to figure it out. I am not too worried about anything happening – it would take a force of God for my water to spontaneously break (or so i have been told by my midwife!) – but still – its so annoying/painful/recockulous that they just keep coming this way. So hopefully i get a midwife appt scheduled soon and they can give me SOMETHING helpful besides just – “lay on your left side and drink lots of water”. Like a pill or something. I am all about taking pills. Pills make me feel happy. they make allllllll your annoying aches and pains go away if you take enough of them in the right combinations!

So we have another busy week!

Preschool Graduation is Thursday nite, Ben’s brother is in town, Preschool Picnic on Friday after midwife appointment, Softball Game for Ben, rearranging all our furniture to redo our downstairs with our newly acquired furniture from the In-Laws, cleaning out the baby nursery so i can see what clothes I have and what I need…. oh its giving me a contraction just to THINK about it all!!! But – it will all look SO GOOD when its done, so that’s motivational.

We had Karissa’s transition playgroup evaluation yesterday to see if the school district will pick up her therapy after she turns three and “graduates” from the state program. She definitely showed her true non-intelligible colors! NOBODY could understand her, not even me a few times! So we get referred to go back for more speech evaluations. And more hearing tests. More appointments that will take us all over the northern IL state area, the driving, the time, the schedule rearranging…..BUT – in the end it will all be worth it.

In other news – I got the job at the pregnancy center as their admin/bookkeeping help! That will be a very nice steady form of income, its extremely flexible and very part time – but every bit helps! Plus it is just nice to be validated in that way. i have missed having a job these past few months and am anxious to feel like a contributing member of society again!

So – i might go “reward” myself with some new tarts from Yankee Candle, maybe some new bath and body works spray….something little just cause its been such a TIGHT few months with no moola coming in! Then again – there’s nothing like a good $10 spree at the Dollar Store. you can get SO MUCH for tha $10!!!!

I have laundry up the yin yang to do, floors, kitchen, organizing and getting ready to rearrange the rooms, getting garage sale stuff organized…

 i need to make a cutesy list.

i need to get off my butt and just GO somewhere already!

If you haven’t already – go check out the Gina Miller Team blog – its my week to do the challenge!!! Come play along!

Here is how my page turned out for that:gmd-challenge-relationships.jpg

This photo editor on wordpress is being wonky lately.

and i got most of my sister’s maternity photo’s loaded up to a picasa website – Go check them out!!

Ok I think that’s enough rambling for today…

if you made it this far – leave a comment!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Can’t wait to see all you family and friends soon over the next couple of weeks! Let’s take Lots and Lots of Pictures!


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  1. Leave whatever baby organizing for when we get there–anything I can do to help. There’s nothin’ like spending quality time also getting stuff done. It never matters what the activity is–with you its always ridiculously fun!

  2. I’m thinking there’s some major nestin’ going on up there!! Look at all that stuff you are planning on doing.. pshh. When you are done with all that, I’ve got a nice little bed and breakfast you are welcome to take retreat in – just a few miles down the road. 🙂

    Hope your pains go away soon!


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