Yes I am still alive!

I know you were all just so uber worried about me.

Let’s see….where to catch up…

The reason for no posts last week was that I sprained my back somehow and was absolutely nauseous and sick from the pain all week, like at a barely functioning level. It was wicked horrible. I remember saying to Ben – "I haven’t had back pain like this since I was dilated to a ten during childbirth" (because of course all of my children had to come into this world backwards creating immense pressure on my spinal column. but that’s neither here nor there. Go read what to expect when you’re expecting, chapter 15, labor pains and back labor if you need more info.)


It hurt.  Life sucked. I was in a massive time warp consisting of hours between horse doses of ibuprofen or aleve or midol or anything that was in a bottle that sounded like pills. The chiro helped a TON. But still. Dang that shizz hurts somethin’ awful.

Much better after this weekend though, so I am ready to get back into a good routine. Which is timely considering Ben is back to his crazy travelling schedule.

Today I shocked even myself. I prepared dinner already. I know, I know, crockpots ARE an amazing invention. I realize I do not take enough advantage of mine. But how can I not when there are now these AWESOME deals at the store. Its like EVERYTHING you need for a roast meal in one little container. Cut the bags open, dump in the meat and veggies, add a cup of water, and voila. Ben, honey, if you’re reading this – i REALLY SLAVED over the meal tonite though I promise!!! Dang, I hate giving away all my secrets…

Hopefully it tastes as good as it is smelling right now.

We have had a busy day around here already! Bounced out of bed at 7:30 to get the girls dressed so we could go drop Ben off at the car rental place, grab some mcD’s for breakfast, and then backtrack 10 miles to home THEN drive to the ped’s office for Kaylen’s pre-op/well child appointment in Plainfield. She is 18 whole pounds now! She has tripled her birth weight in nine months. But – she’s pretty anemic, had a bad infection, had to have ear wax removal "surgery" (yes we get charged for outpatient surgery every time they have to do this to her, which is quite often), has to go back on her reflux meds for a while, and got like – some ridiculous amount of shots. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper.

I am not sure what possessed me to think it would be a quick easy jaunt into target on the way home to pick up her prescriptions, but i was dead wrong. First, I forget the insurance card in the car, meaning i have to cart all three of  them BACK out to the parking lot. So I question the poor tech three times – GO CHECK that she’s in the system cause last time I ended up having to pay $75 for her scrip cause she wasn’t in the system. He cursorily glances at the computer and assures me she’s in there. Nice. So I am told to come back in 15 minutes. After cruising through the snack aisle and looking at shoes with the girls, we head back over at the pre-appointed time. Now another pharmacist, who I practically know on a first name basis cause we’re in there so much, tells me, you know, she’s still getting kicked outof the system as a "Does Not Exist." SILENT SCREAM!!!! THIS is why i tried to have kumar look her up BEFORE i dropped them off. She takes all 6 cards I brought in with me to show her that indeed, we are insured, and indeed, kaylen IS a real person who SHOULD be covered, and calls our insurance company direct, which takes 20 minutes. Great, they put her back in the system, all set, we’ll just fill these bottles up and get you your meds in a few minutes. Another 15 minutes goes by and Kumar is on the phone and tells me, oh we’re calling the doctor cause she prescribed double strength antibiotics so we’re checking on the accuracy with her office. I was like, well maybe she is trying to get rid of this infection once and for all since its either been one long infection since November OR its like number 892 (i lost track in february) and NOTHING IS HELPING!!!! I was about to lose my mind at that point. The girls are in that lovely state of hyperness that can only come from sitting in the same place for one hour and having nothing to do but pick on each other, kaylen was just getting pissier by the millisecond and I just want to get home!!!

That took way longer than it should have. But we aren’t even out of the target parking lot and kaylen is already asleep (and still is, awesomely enough) and the girls are happily sipping away on their watermelon slushies from the food ave.

And that, ladies and gents, is why I am just this side of insane.

I should try to go and work out while everyone is asleep here, but I already feel worn out from my morning. And let’s not forget, I HAVE already prepared dinner. Have kind of a hard nite ahead of me, meeting with some church leadership about a position at church.  Let’s just say that the last time I had to deal with church "leadership" it was not a pleasant outcome, memory, ordeal…but I know that that’s MY problem to get over. And I do believe in a God who gives peace that passes all understanding. Thanks to all the friends and family who are already praying and have been praying. I need it. Thinking about it still gives me the shakes and makes me nauseous, but I know I will make it through.

So that’s me for today. got a lot on my mind but just gotta kind of plow through it and keep moving forward.

I have an AWESOME guest writer for Track Tuesday tomorrow, I can’t wait for you all to read his Playlist!

mygirlswebIn the meantime – ponder that this picture is completely photoshopped since I couldn’t get all three kids looking at me at the same time…




Make love not war.


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  1. I think they should teach head swapping somewhere – a total necessity for anyone with more than one child. I would NEVER have known – such cuties!

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