Trust me – it really means nothing. It’s just the name of one of kendall’s meds and the box happens to be in my line of vision at the moment and saying it makes my tongue happy. (see previous post on “Tectonic Plates” – I clearly have linguistic hangups.)

Welcome to tonite’s version of a blog post. It includes me hopped up on too much insulin because I haven’t eaten a meal all day. don’t get me wrong – i’ve still consumed calories. I just haven’t had a real meal. So today we are just going to read a bunch of random terra-isms. enjoy.

a.) I have not gone anywhere today, and yet have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger. I myself was shocked this morning when Kealey was asking me for her daily agenda and i had to check about three different places before I realized that yes, we really don’t have to be anywhere today. Very odd feeling.  What better kind of day to have friends over all day??? I did, however, still get dressed. yes i am proud of myself for this.

b.) I think I might make cucumber tomato salad tomorrow with my own freshly grown produce. I am prouder of this fact than I probably should be. It will in no way rival Noodles’ amazing salad, but it will be good because we grew it ourselves.

c.)Obstacle courses set up with random objects laying around your house really can entertain 6 kids for a good long while. A stopwatch app on your phone really ups the cool quotient. If i had had two seconds to hear myself think I would have gotten the camera, but no such luck. Basically we used hula hoops, a ball, a ballerina barre thingy from Bella Dancerella (read: plastic POS), the swingset, a scooter, and plastic balls in our pit of penicillin (aka the stagnant plastic pool on the back porch). It was good times. If you have a gaggle of bored children on your hands, grab some random objects + a stopwatch instrument of some kind and head on out to the backyard.

d.)I am going to try to go to bed while it’s still today. Unlike last nite when i went to be when it was tomorrow, which is today. The later I go to bed, the higher the likelihood that we will have a pump error or an awake baby. Oddly enough this fact was proved last nite (this morning?) by both.

e.) It is altogether too easy to forget to return a Redbox movie. good thing its only a dollar a nite but MAN. So someone please call/text/FB/email me tomorrow and tell me to take the stupid movie back to meijer already.

f.) speaking of tomorrow, we do actually have places to go. It’s my day for VBS dropoff (= I have to be up and dressed by 8:30 in the morning which is, shamefully, a stretch for me). Then we get a little break before heading to the ortho surgeon for karissa’s cast judgement i mean followup.

g.) I consider the fact that I folded two loads of laundry while standing up to have fully cancelled out the handful of M&M’s i consumed post-folding.

h.) Aunt Margie – if you go to the top of the post and click where it says “comments”, it will open up a page of just that post, and it has a bunch of little icons near the bottom (I think). one of them is a printer. It will give you a print friendly version of the page that you can print out for grandma. Oddly enough – this little tip works for ANYONE – not just Aunt Margie and grandma. But they were who I did it for. There’s lots of fun new little things here, hey? More coming soon!!!

i.)I think my brain officially just stopped working. I am glad i made a whole post without mentioning other medical stuff.

Remember that only you can prevent forest fires.


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