What’s Up Wednesday.

Anyone else a 4Non Blondes fan?

So I cry sometimes when i’m lyin in bed just to get it all out, what’s in my head

and i, i am feeling peculiar.

So i wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high

and i scream – what’s going on????


ahhhhh the 90’s. I hear that song and I am instantly transported back to a picture that is probably shoved in some box downstairs in the basement of me wearing standard army issue combat boots that are a good four sizes too big for me, cut-off jean shorts from jeans that were my dad’s (in other words, think less “daisy dukes” and more “hobo on the rails”), some fugly stripey shirt, and my weave o hair that I had dyed green with koolaid. Just too badass for words. That’s how we rolled in my days kids.

and then Courtny Love had her husband murdered and it all went downhill.

and in case you’re wondering, no i did not take my medication today…….*SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!*


I have ten minutes to write this blog post.IMG_4612

Quick update.

we are home. Got home sunday afternoon.

I’m tired. Ben’s tired. the girls are crazy, but mostly healthy. Healthier than the week before Kendall went in the hospital.

Kendall is still sick. Very tired. very weak.

We have to give her IV meds a lot. Including throughout the night. We do not have a night nurse.

I have to set alarms so I get up in time.

I hate setting alarms. I hate waking up to alarms.

i am not complaining because it is worth it to be HOME.

I am very glad Ben took this week of travelling in addition to last week.

We found the floor of Kaylen’s room. Buried beneath 17 loads of laundry.

i have done too much laundry in the past three days. We are out of hangers. And laundry detergent.

My next goal is to find the floor of the big girls’ room. I am sure it is underneath at least ten more loads of laundry.

do you notice a theme here.

Kendall’s PICC line is a PITA line. Her veins are crappy. Her crappy veins do not appreciate having a plastic line keeping them open, and so we get a lot of trouble trying to both get things into her veins (fluids, nutrients, medications, things like that. you know, nothing IMPORTANT or anything), and trying to get things OUT (like blood for labwork. to make sure the infection is still being killed, or to make sure her bone marrow is continuing to wake up from last week). Today’s lab visit looked like a practice session for the cirque du soleil with the positions we were having to dangle her upside down in to attempt to get blood flowing out of her heart and into her arm.

yesterday she decided to spike a temp up to 102. this is not fun or good for a kid on the heavy duty drugs that kendall is on. The spike came with a fun episode of pain that we couldn’t get taken care of, and some crazy blood pressures. All of which her body is not strong enough to deal with right now.

She is still not making very much urine. We have no idea why. Something is burning it up or using it up in her body faster than we can get it into her right now. She is still third spaced (fluid leaking into her tissues instead of staying in her veins) – but not enough that it would explain where all of her fluid is going. hoping the labs we took today help us figure out more of this puzzle.

She wants to be Cinderella for Halloween. I need to get her glass slippers. She is adamant about the glass slippers.

I need to make her wheelchair into a pumpkin coach.

I need to clean my bathrooms.

I need a handful of ibuprofen.

My ten minutes are up.

I’ll talk at you more later.


The T.

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  1. Okay first of all….LOVE LOVE LOVE 4 Non Blondes!
    Totally singing that song right now!

    Second…you are a wonder woman… and you and your family are always in our prayers!

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