What do you do wednesday?

HA! I was going to attempt a “wordless wednesday” (which is where people who are ever-so-much-more creative than myself post just a picture in lieu of words on wednesday – the thought being that a picture is worth a thousand words, let the picture speak for itself about what is going on with you on wordless wednesday) – but clearly, i value hearing/reading my own voice too much to do that! Besides I am not sure i could EVER accurately capture the chaos of our days in one picture. We’d need a picture that is worth a million words. And i’m just not that great of a photographer!

I digress.

Today I need to get THIS up:

kendall party invite

Can you all read that?

It’s the invite to Kendall’s party. And yes I am serious. If you are reading this, aren’t busy on Saturday the 14th, and have any kind of desire to come hang out for a couple hours, PLEASE COME to Kendall’s birthday party! I would adore to have all of you who have been praying so hard for Kendall, being a part of her life, celebrating the big and small achievements for this last crazy year – all here together to have cake, ice cream, coffee, whatever! I am hard at work on a slideshow of her first year that we will be watching this nite, as well as a few other ideas that are only kind of half-baked at the moment. Come for the surprise! If you need the address – email me. If you want to RSVP – email me!


(that may or may not work directly – you might have to just type it into your email program!)

What else is going on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon in late October??? I am awaiting the arrival of the girls’ baker hats so I can finish getting their costumes all done up! They are being ‘bakers” (the three older ones) and Kendall is a “cupcake”. i have a good feeling that this is going to be one of those ideas that is WAYYYYY cuter/easier/more pulled together in my head than it will be in actual execution, but at this point, we’re committed, so we’ll see how it turns out! Of course the whole event will be documented in fine detail and pics will be here soon!

So on to the title of my post – what do you do wednesday. What do you do to:

  • stay on top of housework? Do you rotate days/tasks?
  • Plan meals/menu’s?
  • keep “you” time in your week and not get lost in mom-hood (or dad-hood)?

give me your little tips. I know I bring this up every so often, but it seems like our days change with the wind here sometimes, and I am often left feeling like I have no idea how it got to be friday and all i’ve done all week is wipe off the counters and run the dishwasher 482 times. Trying to come up with a good schedule. No flylady will not work for me, been there tried that. I just want to know what REAL LIFE schedules you set up for yourselves and how that works with your life!

Ok i feel like I have more to blog about so maybe i’ll be back later. For those playing the two catch up words you need (today’s and yesterdays)





ciao –


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  1. Hmmmm you probably know all of what I am going to say. What I do. I plan meals by thinking of things we have going on, when we will be home. I look at the sales and see if there are easy things I make out of that particular kind of meat or whatnot. And then I make my list. I have been shopping on peapod lately and I feel like we have more useful food instead of just random things.

    I actually have a chart on my fridge of things that I would like to get done on a daily or weekly basis. I don’t ever get it all done, but I can mark them off iwth a dry erase marker when I do them, so when I am sitting there thinking this house is a disaster, I should do something about it, I can look at my chart and see all I really have done and feel accomplished. My house will eat me alive and I refuse to be the person just waiting around to clean up my kid’s mess. At any given point, unless they are both sleeping, there are dishes dirty, and toys out, and laundry waiting to be folded. It is my life, but as long as it is clean under the clutter I am ok, since that is a speedy pick up if someone is coming over. I do like it to be clean when I go to bed so I don’t wake up and see a mess and just feel defeated.

    I try to use some of nap time for me time. I also stay up later then everyone else. I think I am much better at planning time away than Justin is. I used to not be, but I think I do it more often now because of the need for me time.

  2. I do on Wednesday what I try to do everyday…try to take over the world, of course. And tinker with my cone of silence. Not close on either…but still chug chug chugging along. Wait…what’s ‘housework’ ? OK, Wednesday will now be the day I try to formulate a plan for this ‘housework’, meal planning, and ‘me’ time stuff. I try to have the mounds of laundry done by Friday so they don’t take over the weekend, and Mondays I try my best to hit (with a scrubby brush that is) the bathrooms. The rest of the week I spend fending off a little boy and his hot wheel track and scooting a little girl to here or there. Yep, Wednesday will definitely be plan formulate list making day from now on.

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