Week {1} review.


Yeah there is probably NO way I will keep up with the week in reviews – but it’s late on a Saturday nite, and life is pretty boring, so it’s what you get!

All in all – it was a typical crazy week around these parts – hospital visits, kids driving momma crazy, ben gettin’ tattooed again, Chick-Fil-A, coke and m&m’s. And we got pretty much all of that in the next week too (minus the tattooing.)

tomorrow we will get a nice family dinner together to try to fill karissa up in preparation for her MRI on Monday. She is scheduled (hospital time) at 4:30 pm on Monday. which means she will be NPO (no food) for just about 24 straight hours by the time she gWeek1Reviewets out of the MRI/awake enough to eat again. No – i’m not kidding. And that is IF – A HUGE IF!!! – they are running on time. Which they will probably not be. I have already let the powers that be know that this is not an ok plan, so they will at least be starting a dextrose IV for her as soon as we check in Monday afternoon. I asked her what she wanted for her last good big supper for a while and she asked for fried rice. ???? It’s not like that’s something we have very often (they usually get plain white or brown rice if we eat chinese or hibachi) – but I had some the other nite with soy sauce on it – and she said she wanted “that super special yummy sauce you put on it”…such a weird kid. So we will try to find a good fried rice place with extra special soy sauce for dinner!

We will load up the ipod with a playlist just for her, make sure we have the portable DVD chargers and a few good movies, her pillow pet menagerie, and off we will go! Actually, since it’s so late in the day, she will probably go to school for a couple hours first – but she has such an early lunch, it just seems cruel to make her sit through that when she can’t eat a bite. (and in case anyone is wondering why she is NPO – she has to go under anesthesia for the MRI. And in case you are wondering why she needs the MRI, refer to this post!)

And anyways – I’m still crawling out from under the huge pile of laundry we are all of a sudden under, thanking God that we are all mostly healthy at the moment, and keepin on like we do. Sorry this is like the worlds boringest update. Sometimes boring is good!
Peace out party people – I’m sure i’ll have LOTS of interesting stuff to post on Monday. Or Tuesday!

Have an awesome weekend – enjoy this crazy gorgeous January weather!



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