When was the last time you really, truly, honest to God felt “unstoppable”??? Like no matter what life threw in your way, you were going to run your race and meet your goals…Have you ever felt that way?

when i saw this prompt for writing i thought – oh yeah, no problem. I’m UNSTOPPABLE, baby!!! But really…am I? Do I push through exhaustion and frustration and anything else that threatens to overwhelm me most days and keep going? I couldn’t think of a time in recent history when I really have been “unstoppable”. It’s a cute catchphrase – but I view it as more of something that people who run marathons with no legs should use, not something a 30-something frumpy housewife and mom of 4 really has claim to. I keep going not because i’m unstoppable, but because its my only choice.

so i’m really trying to work this out for myself.

What does it really mean to be unstoppable?

Does it mean doing a few hard things and then calling it a day? Does it mean that we get to fool ourselves into thinking that our stubbornness is mistaken for being “unstoppable”? Does it mean perservering through seemingly impossible circumstances to complete a goal that seems dauntingly out of reach?

or does it simply mean, that in those times when giving up, throwing in the towel, taking the easy way out would be easier, that we keep moving forward on the path we were set on? That we set our shoulders to the wind, duck our heads down, and keep doing whatever it takes – in spite of exhaustion (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual), in spite of pain, in spite of everyone around us telling us “no”? Is it found in the monotonous beeps of machinery in a PICU, in a heart that continues to beat when the odds are stacked against it? Is it in the eyes of a child who has to shoulder far more responsibility than she should when her mother is too busy taking care of her sister, who says I will not let this homework defeat me, i will not be held down by my circumstances?

I think maybe its all of those. And more.

i know it is, for me, stretching to be a better mom/person/friend today than i was yesterday. It is doing the things my mind wants to tell me i can’t do. It is….a lesson I am learning every day. How to be unstoppable. How to keep on keepin on – when everything seems stacked up against me – keep going. don’t stop.

I want to be unstoppable.



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