Twenty-Twelve. Project: Be.

I figured i’d make an attempt to start the year out with at least one on-time, non-backdated post. Considering that i’ve hardly moved off the couch all day, this shouldn’t be too hard of a task.

I’ve been thinking on a few different concepts lately – namely that of choosing a “word” for the year, and a IMG_2830 scrapbooking/life-journaling concept known as “Project Life”. I referenced Project Life in a post a few months back – and it’s kind of been brewing since then. For lots of different reasons that are probably all too boring to even spend time writing down here, i am drawn to the thought of documenting our lives in this way. What’s holding me back is the fact that I hardly have time to sit down and sign school papers any given day, let alone find time to scrapbook. On top of the fact that I hate just jumping on the same wagon everyone else is on. But I’m digressing as usual.

The point being –

It’s the typical “new year, new start, new canvas” thing that goes through my head every year.

THIS year i’m going to  lose weight/eat better/exercise more/declutter better/be organized/win the lottery.

my goals/resolutions/desires change very little from year to year. And yet they seem to be always fallen short of. Or left by the wayside within a few weeks. Do I just lack willpower (don’t answer that – i know the answer is yes!), or does life just get in the way? Probably a little of both.

But I think I’ve picked my word(s) for the year.


Just Be.

Be more. Be better. Be calm. Be organized. Be healthy. Be a good mom. Be a good wife. Be a good friend.

I know its probably the most non-descript word or “easy way out” to some people. But for me, I just think it works.

I’ll obviously be spending more time chewing this one over, working it into life, into the blog, into how i live/work/operate on a day to day basis.

I have a lot of goals. Dreams. Aspirations. Resolutions. Things that would be super cool if i could ever make them manage to happen and stick around in my crazy life.  there. that one works. Most of the ones near the top involve surviving the chaos that ensues when all four children are home, we don’t have nursing coverage, and Ben is gone travelling for work. LUckily that should be a good quick one that I CAN accomplish and mark off the list by next Thursday. (the girls are supposed to start on Jan 9th, but karissa has her MRI/appts that week so she won’t be back until the 13th). only a few more days… And I think we do have nurses this week so that will help.

So anyways – there it is. In all it’s boring glory. The beginnings of a new seedling growing in my mind. Not very fancy, well written, or thought provoking. i’ll work on all that later. when this benadryl wears off. (side note – do benadryls get STRONGER with age? I think they do. Cause i’m pretty sure the one i took last nite was aged to at least 9 years. And I feel roughly equivalent to being put under anesthesia/sedation. It’s kind of awesome. And kind of not.)


Be blessed. Be rested. Be happy.


(and BE glad I am done rambling for the time being!!!!!)


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  1. I thought you were going to BE healthier this year?  Why don’t you start by not taking outdated medicine and reading the instructions on dosage? \\ I  do love you,  Mom

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