One day later. I have to fill in the little highlighted numbers in the calendar thingy. Which you probably can’t even see cause I have effed with the coding on this site so much that even I don’t remember what is or is not visible anymore. and now I am rambling and you are all convinced that yes, I am indeed certifiable now. ‘S ok – I already know that.


Tuesday. I wish I could blog about what I did. But it’s a surprise. One I should be taking pictures of. The kind of surprise that makes my husband cringe when he reads about because he has NO IDEA what he is going to walk in to on Friday afternoons when he returns from conquering the big bad world of packages and time clocks and contracts.

Here is a list of some things that may or may not have happened on Tuesday to kick off a week’s worth of working on super secret project:

  • Searching for a hammer, drywall nail/screw thingies, a level, and a phillips head screwdriver.
  • Trying to figure out if the fugly chandelier in our dining room is actually hardwired into the electrical current of the whole house.
  • Searching for drywall putty. (Not for any particular reason. Just in case.)
  • Swallowing a mouthful of saltwater from the fish tank. (you don’t want to know.)
  • Intensely huge ball of computer wires.
  • Lots of coffee consumption.
  • Learning that recycling bins do not actually make good sawhorses.
  • Realizing that I could probably start my own public library with the amount of books we have around here. (considering having a book swap soon – anyone in?)
  • Learning that “measure twice, cut once” is actually a pretty darn good rule. Wonder who thought of that.

Oh this is gonna be gOOOOOOOOOOOdddddd.

And it WILL be finished.

And I still don’t know where the drywall putty is. Not that I need it. I just still wanna have it just in case. You know, like, just in case I misjudge how long something is and try to make it fit in a spot that it doesn’t. NOT THAT I HAVE DONE THAT!!!! But Just In Case.

I like to be prepared like that.

I may have some super tiny sneaky peeky pictures up later.

Don’t worry Benj!!!! It’s all under control!

But if anyone has any chicken coop wire, wire cutters, staples for a staple gun, spray paint in non-neon colors, or drywall putty – give me a ring!



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  1. Josh, I just spit out my water! That is HILARIOUS!!! LOL

    ok, Terra-i am super excited that I know what this little surprise is! also, the mouthful of saltwater from the fish tank is absolutely disgusting!!