Too much velveeta…

Have you ever eaten too much of a good thing? That seemed like a good idea at the time? I mean, sure, this describes me at just about every meal of any given day…but especially tonite. A good friend made me this awesome casserole last week for dinner, and made enough for a small army, and it tastes REALLY good reheated…

but yeah.

too much velveeta can be a bad thing.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a few days. I thought i was going to be better about posting.

Anyways – tonite I am watching last week’s survivor so i can watch this thursday’s sometime this crazy busy weekend. My hips are aching and all of me hurts from carrying this kicking fighting child inside of me. I have no idea who she is fighting – but it seems like she is winning. Maybe I should name her billy blanks. Hey, there’s a K in it! it could work…

Other pregnancy complaints. 

I am at the point where I can hardly bend over to put socks on without passing out from lack of oxygen. I can’t quite get all of the clothes out of the washer cause I can’t bend over far enough with the belly in the way. Kaylen kind of gets dropped the last 5 inches into her crib – again, cause the belly prevents me from bending over her crib far enough. I cannot wrap my mind around this inner struggle of wondering whether life is better now, while I at least have all of the new baby’s needs taken care of quietly within my own body, or if it will be better once she is here and I am able to feel more like myself, do more things, be more self-sufficient. I am not sure either way is BETTER necessarily – but which do I think I will be better equipped to handle? It is honestly feeling a little overwhelming at this point. The holidays will be nice, Ben will be around, it will be a good transition time into life as a family of 6 (HOLY CRAP i just realized that…)

But what about January? When ben is gone all the time again? will i be able to handle it all then?

Tonite my girls were all lined up in the bathtub just staring up at me waiting to be bathed/washed/shampooed and i was like – “oh my gosh, are you guys all mine??? When did this happen? When did I get my very own doll store???” Sure enough, Kealey assured me that indeed I WAS all of their mommy and that I needed to help them wash their hair. And now i am adding one more to that mix!

Its a crazy life for sure. 

Tomorrow is Karissa’s specialist appointment where we find out if she will need surgery to correct her bladder diverticulum. I just pray that we feel a true peace about whatever is decided, and that the decision is the best possible one for her for the rest of her life. I have talked to people who had similar issues to Karissa’s, and the reproductive ramifications, let alone the pain of the UTI’s continuing are just enough to make me know we HAVE to make a good decision for her now. So please pray that Dr. Smith has a clear view of Karissa’s history, is able to make a good case history, and then make a decision that will be what she needs.

Ok. Its time to hit the hay for now. I can’t even think any more.


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