To Do.

Remember way back in the day when I used to make my to-do lists on my blog and then come back and cross out what I’d done??? Yeah…that was fun times. Right now my to do list consists of making all my to do lists for the week. It’s just one of those “perfect storm” weeks where I happen to have like 794 things that all need to be done within the confines of this set of blocks on the calendar, and I’m all verklempt about how I am going to get them all in. Sitting here and thinking about how I’m going to do it isn’t exactly super helpful either…BUT – such is life. Today we have preschool/therapy/naptime/dance for K2/dance for me (oh yeah!!! adult hip hop ROCKS!); Tuesday is therapy/email &admin stuff (medical mostly) at home/school pickup/dance dropoff ; Wednesday is preschool/packing/school pickup/dance dropoff/more packing/school conferences for both big girls; Thursday we are going up to my mom’s for some girly time; Friday morning we drive home and in the afternoon I will leave on a biennial mom’s weekend a few friends and I try to get. Phew. Getting to that holy grail of “me time” will require a lot of planning and running around – but couldn’t happen at all without the help of my amazing husband and our awesome nurses!

In with all that, I have realized that my plans for Kendall’s 3rd birthday extravaganza of epic proportions party may be a tidge bit overzealous as SO many of you have responded that you will be coming! Which i LOVE!!! i am SO GLAD that so many of you want to and are willing to come from all corners of the country to help celebrate this awesome milestone for KQ – but I have realized that our attendee list has definitely already outgrown what our home can accomodate – so I am desperately seeking Susan (ha! just kidding!) a place that is a.) free or VERY low cost to rent, b.) can accomodate our group c.) is easy to get to and has lots of parking d.) lets me bring in chickfila and cupcakes on our own!!! If you know of any such place – PLEASE LET ME KNOW by emailing me!!! I’m also needing to work on the food/decorations/games/video for this shindig, cause its only 4 weeks away! It’s a good kind of busy for sure – but busy nonetheless!

thankfully, little miss is having a really really really good run right now. All systems are currently stable, she is continuing to wow us all with her crazy expanding vocabulary (well, I use “expanding” loosely: mostly she is just repeating with correct inflection and body language things she hears us all say a lot. Case in point the phrase of the weekend was “I.SAID.NO.” – which i find myself saying an AWFUL lot to her and her partner-in-crime-sister). Oy. We are so very thankful for this reprieve from dr’s offices, appointments, new meds, bad news, etc. So thank you so very much for all of you who do so faithfully pray for her, and for our family.  If you could all pray now that she stays this stable through this big party – that would be AWESOME! Her birthday has proven historically to be the “tipping point” for the end of the good run we get, and signals the start of “sick season” for her. I am hopeful that this could be the year she breaks that pattern – but those are the facts of our reality so I’m trying to mix optimism with practicality and hopefully we land somewhere between the two! We can’t quite figure out why her infection fighting cells are continuing to drop every week – which in itself isn’t a huge issue – but it does leave her a bit more susceptible to the stuff that starts flying around this time of year, which she manages to pick up easily enough on her own without this little bit of setback! And considering that she is supposed to start “school” the week before the party – we may have to come up with a good backup plan. Like a plastic bubble suit she can wear.


  i am so glad we were able to get out and get some family shots this weekend! huge thanks to my sister for taking all of these while Ben and I acted goofy behind her trying to get Kendall to look at the camera. (Can you tell the older two have been our photography models for a couple years???) And also – Kendall only LOOKS ginourmous compared to Kaylen cause she a.)has a massive head circumference and b.) is laying with one knee up and about 6 inches in front of everyone else! I looked at this pic and though – holy cow! they’re the same size! Alas – not so much. But they ARE closer in size/height than they’ve ever been before!

If you have not become a fan of Terra Talking on facebook yet – click over there ———————->>>>>. Just do it. It makes me happy. Kthanx.

I have a lot that I wanted to talk about but I’m distracted by my ever growing list and the little munchkins running around here creating chaos and havoc. thanks so much for all the comments and emails! i love you guys! Today’s shout out goes to Miss Marcy – who has been a long time lurker FINALLY out of lurkdom!!! Thanks for the email girl! I will respond back to you soon! But your email absolutely made my Monday!

So your question for today is (since some of you don’t know how to respond to my “deep” posts!) – Are you distracted by the stuff in the sidebar (over there on the right)? and poppa bob I have already logged your response to this!!! Do you know where to find the little calendar thing now? Did you like having the instagram pics on the side or are they better on the bottom of the front page now? What else would you like to see on the blog as far as organization of posts? (so ok that was more than one question – you can either pick one or  all of them for bonus points!)


love you all!

peace to the people –



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  1. I swear the lowering wbc is a direct result of tpn/central lines.  I kinda feel llike I have recent proof if you ever want to chat about it. As you know its a hhuge issue for O!  anyway, The pic of the girls is adorable but yes, K4 does look much bigger than she probably is….the camera does add poundage ya know…..not a bad thing for wee ones;)  me, not so much!!

  2. OMG, my face just burst with redness when I saw the shout out!!! Toooo funny! Glad I could make your day, like you just made mine! Thanks 🙂

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