Time Goes By…{so slowly}

Ok there’s two reasons why this title applies. one because my brother and sister-in-law made a HILARIOUS video to this song that still makes me laugh out loud when i think about it. I HAVE to find the youtube link and share it here cause seriously – if you do’nt laugh or at least snicker at this video you should check for your own pulse…

 and two because I feel like i am going to be pregnant at least until the next century. I know I have 5 more weeks left – but that sounds like saying 5 more months. I am just ready to have my body back – to not be in so much pain anymore, to not be so swollen, to not have cankles, to be able to go longer than one hour in between potty breaks….*sigh* – its the little things in life right???

And yet – I know I will need every spare minute of these five weeks. I have so much to do to get ready. So much to be thankful for, so much to not take for granted about this life growing inside me. so this last five weeks is dedicated to all my friends who are currently not pregnant, but wish they were. I will finish this race for them.

And know that it will all be worth it in the end – oh so worth it!

Newsworthy News for today: Had a phone interview with a SEct. 42 development company that I thought went pretty well and am extremely excited about. Have a conference call phone interview early next week and then hopefully a plan of action soon thereafter!

the Pregnancy Resource Center job is going well also. I enjoy the challenge of being the new set of eyes in both centers, and trying to be the bridge to the gap that they are dealing with.

And finally = STILL waiting on word from my old job as to when/what they are going to pay me for the contract currently in place. I pray it is soon that I hear something. It is a lesson in learning to let God show me how much in control He is. it is very hard to sit back and bite my tongue when i feel like i am really just being taken horrible advantage of. But i need to learn this patience. I need to learn to sit back and enjoy life and take it one day at a time and spend more time tickling my girls and watching them swim in their pool, and less time trying to prove to some nameless “they” that i am capable of being both a mom and a career woman.

I want so much all at once. and i need to learn to sit back and be CONTENT with all that i do have.

I am tired so i am rambling. I will write more later. i feel somedays like i have so much to say – and no idea how to say it. And other days i am just out of words.

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