{Three Years}.

Three years ago on this night, (except it was a thursday), I walked into the hospital, kind of the same me that I am today, and kind of different.image

It was a night a lot like tonight – pretty mild for November. I remember that i was wearing cropped pants and flip flops because we had just gotten pedicures (my mom and I). I remember focusing on putting one foot in front of the other because i just felt so WEIRD (we found out i was massively dehydrated, which explains a lot…). I remember being excited cause I thought in a few short hours I would meet you.

But you obviously had your own timeline, and your own way of doing things, from the very get go.

Tonite I am tired, and not really sure what i want to say in this post, my letter to you on this momentous day.

So I’ll start with this –

YAY!!! You did it!  Three years ago on your birthday, we had no idea what the future held for you, or if you even would get a future. From day one, you have baffled doctors, challenged their thinking, stretched the limits of what they thought “possible”, and taught everyone who has worked with you a thing or two about how to treat PATIENTS and not just symptoms. I am so so so glad we get to celebrate you saying “ HA! I Showed You!” to the few naysayer doctors we have encountered the past few years.

This year I have seen you fight some incredible odds, some horrific pain, endure some really crappy stuff – and through it all – you’ve come out smiling.


You are simply amazing.

I hope you have a wonderful awesome birthday. Considering that your birthday is on a monday, and your party isn’t till this coming Saturday – you’ll likely get a week’s worth of celebrations. And I guess that’s ok – I think you’ve probably earned it. So even though your actual birthday will be spent getting poked and prodded at a doctor’s appointment, and probably the torture of a haircut (your first one ever!), I hope it’s still a good one. i hope you know how incredibly proud we all are of you, how very proud I am to be your mommy.

I have so much to say to you – but the words are having a hard time coming tonite.

so i’ll just tell you now that i love you.


Happy Birthday, Kendall Quinn.





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