Things I <3 Thursday.

Yes i have a theme for today. Because I said so, that’s why.

Anyways – it will help to kind of tie all this randomness in together.

First of all, people, I love you – but come ON! SHOW ME THE QWAN. And by qwan i mean love. and by love I mean, TALK TO ME!!!! Comment every once in a while so I know who you are and what you are doing. I KNOW some of my posts are deep/hard to comment on/you don’t wanna say the wrong thing. There is no wrong thing. It’s really not that hard. You don’t have to enter all the jumbly letters and prove you’re a human or anything. When I posted on my facebook page about what time is it where you are – and saw some of you responding – I was like – HELLOOOO!!!! People! You are out there! I can see you on my stats! I know most of you check this blog from your phone during your lunch hour. I have no idea how or why, but someone checks here often from Brazil. (If i knew how to say hi in portuguese I would!) Some poor soul was looking for instructions on how to NOT bathe a cat and ended up here. SAY HI. that’s all I am asking! Interact on the FB page more, tweet me, re-pin all my AMAZING pinterest pins – do SOMETHING – but don’t just stand there! it’s like calling someone and breathing heavily on the other end of the line. I know you’re there – you just gotta say hi!

Ok now that that’s out of the way.

On to things I heart thursday. oh so much goodness I could blog about today – but I’ll spread it out over a few weeks.

Ummmm…..<——these are amazeballs. I cannot describe them, but they definitely have a party in your tummy when you eat them. Trust me. You will love them. And if you don’t, you can donate all the leftovers back to me. They are BOGO at walgrins this week. (Yes that’s how I say walgreens. it’s because a dear dear man, my softball coach in college, used to say it just like that, and so now that’s how i say it, in tribute to him. Anyways. it just is what it is. walgrins.)

Go – run and get some now.




If you are my friend on facebook at all – you will know i’m a HUGE honey-boo-boo fan. If you have no idea what i’m talking about with honey boo boo, do me a favor, lift up the roof of the rock you live under, and come out into the sunshine for a little bit. The Vitamin D will do you some good.

Also, you will learn an awesome new vocabulary.

If words like “vajiggle-jaggle”, “forklift foot”, and “shack-em-up-mates” aren’t already part of your daily vernacular, they will be soon. Oh I am cracking up just THINKING about all the awesomeness that this show is. First of all, they subtitle the whole thing. This family, self-proclaimed rednecks, are from so deep in Georgia that you literally cannot understand most of what they are saying (due to their southern accents) without the subtitles. It’s beyawesome. I have no idea why i am so drawn to it except that it makes me laugh really hard, and i guess it’s nice to get out of my own life for 30 minutes every wednesday night.

I need to do a whole blog on the hot mess that is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, and I will, soon. but here’s some fun food for thought. These people are going to be voting in the same election we do in a few months. Awesome!!! God bless America! Now who needs some “Go-Go Juice”?!?!?!?


And I’m gonna wrap it up with this Thing I HEART. Beyond heart. This song. When I start to heart a song, it gets downloaded from itunes, put into a playlist with other songs i’ve hearted the past few weeks, and basically put on repeat. and repeat. and repeat. Until even Kendall knows the lyrics and we all start humming it at random times. And by then there’s usually a new addictive song in rotation. Anyways, here it is. Hope you enjoy! Turn your speakers up loud!

And if you are on an iphone/ipad, you won’t be able to click it anyways – but it is the song “Some Nights” by Fun. – and it rocks.

Anyways – now that i should be done with FRIDAY’S post also, but i’ve spent the past hour trying to get around youtube and their idiotic embedding issues, I’ll wrap it up.





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  1. A) was going to do a nail polish colors i love this fall theme post, but then couldn’t find them.

    B) don’t have tv anymore so i don’t know about honey boo boo.

    C) Ava just commented that she loves the band FUN because they have some really good songs.
    Emily talked about…Summer is definitely over

    • next time we go out shopping (like we do all the time), let’s look for fall colors. I need something fun/little/colorful like this. Good thought. I’m sorry you don’t have a tv anymore. I’ll pray for you. Ava has good taste.

      • I actually did post it. You should see the color I have on now. Pilates hotties. It looks like a pair of shoes you have or something like that. You own something in this color at least. I am shopping on Tuesday from 9-11 at Marshall’s on Larkin.
        Emily talked about…new season, new colors

  2. Honey Boo Boo is like a train wreck – you just can’t turn away from it. Darn, I misssed it this past Wed. – I have to make sure I set up the DVR to just record all of them. maybe I can find it on demand….

    • Go now. Set up your DVR. You do not want to miss a SECOND of this week’s. Does this make me look like a chunky lemon??? Socks at the waterpark? And so much more.

  3. No cable here, so no honey boo boo, but did you see the article in the tribune about it recently? I read it and thought about you because I have seen your facebook posts.

    • no! I did not see an article about it! i’ll have to go look now! if you ever get curious – come on over. we have PLENTY of cable to share!!!!!! #thankGodI’mNotAmish #tvaddict #andproud

  4. Oh the pressure to comment!!!!
    I stalk you daily even when you are quiet and dealing with your many many daily dealings.
    Thank you for the two bits on HBB. I can’t wait to hear more. I haven’t done it yet but I am so tempted to download a HBB ringtone!
    Well I am currently traveling to the “D” to watch the Detroit Tigers take on the White Sox. Huge series for those of you not following bball in Terra Talking world.
    T, i love your blog, that we have some similar guilty pleasures (ahem, COKE!!).
    Hey. FYI Meijer stores are going to start spreading like mad over on the west side of Lake MI. Help a sista out and support them! 🙂
    Have a great weekend and can’t wait to read more of your awesomeblogness.
    Sorry for any typos. Iphone.

    • MARCYYYYUY – thank you for commenting and for finally helping me figure out why meijer technologies is stalking me. (cause its YOU!) jealous of your baseball game plans. I haven’t been to a game in over a year, and that makes me sad. cause i truly loves baseball. Preferably American League ball. NOT a tigers fan though! (and if my uncles hear me say that i will be in big trouble…) I love that you are a guilty pleasure girl with me – it’s always nice to have partners in vices. WHYYYY are they gonna put in more meijer stores over here? or do you mean in the western part of this country? Have you been to an actual meijer store? I mean, clearly you work there, so God bless you – but ugh. I’d rather pull my own toenails off than shop at one. And by “shop” i mean, get all the crap i need and then sit in line for three hours waiting to check out. I avoid the one that is RIGHT by my house like it contains ebola and TB. Cause it probably does. But i’ll support YOU in anything!!! thanks for commenting/talking with me! now see? this is WAY funner to do it this way. Have an awesome weekend! (i love the word awesomeblogness by the way. I have to figure out a way to use this more often…)

  5. I love me some Go-Go juice and “Go SMOOCHIE!!!!!”
    The Some Nights song has been on my radar for awhile, it makes me mad because I had a BEAST idea for choreo but alas, someone else in my company stole the song.
    Those chili lime nuts are ridonk. I ate a large portion last night instead of dinner. I had a paste of their flavory goodness all over my hands. Yum.
    Molly G talked about…Who Gives a Shit??

    • you and me, we are soulmates. a dolla makes me holla! I need to go add another coat of gold spray paint to your christmas gift….

    • This one is actually Lobster 2.0 – I think it’s slightly more italicized than lobster regular? but yes. i’m in love with it. Wish it wasn’t plastered EVERYWHERE on the interwebs now. I’m almost done with it. I need a break from it!

  6. 1. ummmm, I live under a rock… what the hell is “Honey Boo-Boo”????
    And 2. Fun. is amazeballs! seriously – their concert was mind blowing. both of the albums are mind blowing. And if you are looking for more Nate (lead singer) awesomeness, check out The Format. Equally as awesome in my humble opinion! Keira sings along to all the Fun. songs 🙂 Isn’t it adorable when 3/4 yr olds sing music WAY above their heads? I think so!

    • umm yes i should do an entire blog post on inappropriate songs that my 3/4 year olds sing. It’s WAY classy. I am SO jealous you got to go to their concert. I wish i wasn’t so late to the ballgame on cool things. Seriously – go youtube a few honey boo boo episodes. you can thank me later.

  7. If you love those nuts, have someone grab the Sanhale Snacks Pomegranate Pistachios with Almonds, Cherries, + Black Pepper for you next time they’re at Costco = blow-your-mind amazing.
    As a Southerner who even just lived an hour deeper in south Georgia than Honey Boo-Boo for a year & a half, my conscience is forcing me to type “Not everyone there is like that!” 😛 Of course I watch the train-wreck, too!!! 😀 But all my south GA friends are MORTIFIED that the rest of the country is getting this portrait. On the upside, I find it an odd personal triumph that I totally don’t need the subtitles.
    Sues talked about…Blake Family Scrapbook ~ Nov 2010 – Jun 2012