The FishFeeder

Due to popular request, I am hereby exhibiting a real live demonstration of the fish feeder in actionblog128a. Prepare to be amazed!











And here’s a better close up view. An Aquarium Photographer I am not.blog128b


So there you have it. How to feed an eel its own little handfed fishy meal. How do they survive in the wild? And when do I start fearing for the lives of the little fishies that we actually WANT in the tank, not as part of someone’s meal?

How are you this Monday? I actually got up and worked out today. I did a liver cleanse flush thing this weekend. If you have never experienced the joy of drinking a cup of epsom salt water followed by an olive oil chaser  – let me tell you – you HAVE NOT lived!!! Try it sometime. Guaran-damn-teed to make you want to puke your guts out. But I will say – I do feel much healthier/less toxic, so I guess it worked? And now I am sitting here bloggin and chillin to some tunage before the midgets wake up. (Is it unPC to call my kids midgets?)

Little Pirate action going on now, but just before this it was some vintage Ms. Spears pre-breakdown days, a little Kid Rock, and some Peter Gabriel for good measure. Life is good with a peanut butter english muffin, some goodtunes, and a little peace and quiet before the chaos of this day/week kicks in.

We have  a doctor appointment followed by a high speed jaunt across the county to a birthday party at chuck e cheese, after which we will dash like madmen up to school so K1 can make it in time. Neat. Pray I don’t get a speeding ticket. Oh great. now i’ve breathed life in it. REBUKE IT REBUKE IT!!

Ok some more pics to share:

Apparently I forgot to share here that we had a new member join the family. Quincy (the female boxer) went to live with her new family, and since I was STILL missing Toby in the worst way, we went toblog128c the humane society and found this handsome young gentleman. His name?


What can I say, I’m a creative original.


Just an adorable shot of my adorable baby. She is hopefully over this ear infection she has had blog128dsince November. What a happy baby and a TOTALLY different baby than the one I brought home from the hospital with bad reflux.

And then here’s a few pictures from a day I like to file under "Ask a stupid question.."

the question?

Why are all the animals and rocks lined up in the hallway?blog128f


the Answer:




of course.

that makes total sense.

And this, dear friends, is why I act slightly insane most days. Because i AM slightly insane.

But a happy insane. i wouldn’t trade this insanity for anything. God is good all the time.

Focus on what’s really important today, not the random stuff that usually clogs up our immediate vision.


oh and Faith- you were right. Its from the excellent movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather. when Sonny wants to go to the mattresses.

till next time –

lemme see ya one-two step.


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  1. i am not sure what i am seeing with the “fish feeder” — is it tube holding a fish out for the eel? interesting!
    super cool pics.

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