The Challenge Continues.

Holy cannoli. i cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post! I actually had a friend ask me last nite if I was joking or hiding posts because she couldn’t see anything after September 27th. It doesn’t SEEM like its been that long, but I guess it has! So much for the September Challenge, hey? (remember that crazy time I was going to walk/do something for my mental health/blog every day in September????)  And really, just to be my usual stubborn self, I will go back and backdate a few posts to complete the September calendar (which is on the front page now, on the bottom middle under all the random word tags!) But the point being – I didn’t quite make it, and I definitely started lagging off on the exercise portion of that challenge about two weeks in – but here’s what i learned from it and through it.

1. Support always helps! I was blown away by how many of you emailed/commented/left me Facebook IMG_2189 messages of either encouragement in my efforts, or to let me know that you were going to make a similar effort. I really wish I would have found a better way for us all to communicate more because i think that is a good key to keeping up with things – checking in with others, having them check in on you, having someone ask that question is motivating – whether its cause of guilt or cause you want to TELL SOMEONE that you did it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on a way that you think it would work to have better “group support” – comments here? our own page on my site? an email group list? a personal email from me daily? I’m really curious about this – PLEASE take a couple seconds to tell me your thoughts on this!

2. I learned that it wasn’t always about the “exercise” or “working out” for that 20 minutes a day – but that it was more about forcing myself to have 20 minutes of “me time”. That’s why taking a walk outside in the evenings really worked when the weather allowed for that – because it was just time to decompress after the day, a time where i could think about and process through anything – or nothing at all. Getting my “mental health exercise” in by catching my breath, clearing my head, doing something without sticky little fingers all over me – that was the real benefit of that challenge.

3. Blogging every day (or just about every day) really forced me into a discipline of sitting down to write. Of coming up with content that kind of meant something – rather than just spewing random facts about our sometimes boring/sometimes too exciting life. Not sure if I actually HIT that goal, but that was the goal. It made me start looking at my blog in a somewhat different light. It’s always been my “baby”, a place I love to come and pour out my heart and feelings, but seeing how many of you were coming every day that i was writing new stuff – kind of made me see things a little differently. I liked it! But While I could see that you were here, and some of you ARE so good and faithful to leave comments here (some of you only get a red star for emailing/facebooking, vs those who get GOLD STARS for leaving comments!!) – many of you are just stalkers! You come and take a little piece of my heart by reading my thoughts – and then you don’t share any of your own thoughts! And I get it – some posts there just isn’t much to say! But i realized that i loved interacting with all of you! i want my baby (the blog) to really BE….i don’t know. someplace we can interact. i share my thoughts, you share yours, we all hold hands and sing kum-ba-yah around a virtual bloggy campfire and someone lights their coat on fire trying to make s’mores. got it? Anyways – i loved learning more about this passion of mine in blogging over the past month.


So – I’m gonna stick with it for this month. clearly i’m a tweed bit behind considering the month is like half over. IMG_2397 But really, it’s not about the day’s i’ve missed, it’s about what i’m doing from here forward. Water under the bridge my friend – the past is all just water under the bridge. So who’s with me this month? Obviously October is very low key. I am not even sure what the challenge is – every day that I post, you commit to commenting??? Yes that is a great deal! But it kind of leads me into one last question for today’s terratalking test: which is, why DO you visit here? In all this soul/blogsearching, i’m figuring out what my voice is, what my purpose with and for this blog is. I have heard from so many people that I should write a book. But I’m not quite sure what it is that I’m saying. so help me out please. Tell me what it is that you “get” from terra talking, that is always consistent (well, kind of consistent – i know that not every day leaves you belly laughing OR sobbing into kleenex – but some days do that, right?) I am open to hearing any and everything about this. If you’d prefer to email it to me, that’s fine, you don’t have to leave a comment for this one unless you want to!

Ok here’s your mission then:

When you get done reading here – go down to the little place where it says “leave a comment”. Click in that box. Start typing your answers to the following: What/where/how can we have better communication or follow up for support for people who are following along with the monthly “challenge”, whatever that looks like?  Am I or am I not the brightest part of your day"? (i kind of ad-libbed that one from the post!), and final question – what is the “purpose” of terra talking to you? (and its fine if its just – to get info on kendall, to see if you’re still alive, because you like the pretty blue background – whatever). The point is – TALK TO ME!!!!! Got it? ok good.

And now that you know where the post calendar is, you can check it to see how many backdated posts i manage to fill in between Sept 27th and this date! THAT Is a lot of hot air to come up with, let me tell you what!

Ok peeps – I’m out. Leave a comment, spread some love, keep on keepin’ on.

much love to you all!


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  1. You are so funny!
    I read your blog to keep posted on you and hear what’s going on in your head. You are an inspiration to me in so many different ways….your strength in all that you deal with, your courage to pour your heart and soul out for all of us to read. You have given me the courage to begin finding my voice. I’m working on a lot of fiction that comes out of the struggles in me, but I hope to one day be able to express my own thoughts and feelings in my own voice for me like you do on here. But you have helped me on my journey there. I have started my own blog, but I still freeze up when it comes to actually writing what I am really feeling so I tend to skirt around what it really on my mind. I write thes epieces out then I delete them because I second guess my self, but my victory (at least so far) is in the fact that I write out – I will keep working on actually sharing it all.
    I was wondering as well what was going on – I love to get my notices that there is a new post so I can read it. So keep on doing what you do…just never stop. FYI – I used your website as an example in my web design class of what I hope to have one day. All I can say is HOLY CRAP that’s a lot of coding to make this think rock!!!!

  2. Terra, I come here because we used to see each other almost every day, and this is now the only time I “see” you. I love your wit, and you always make me laugh. Plus, you have a wonderful ability to sneak in big words, and I love that! I also have a special connection with your babies, especially Kealey and Karissa, since I watched them for so long. You inspire me in the way you handle everything–Kendall, work, a husband, normal family life. It challenges me to not complain so much because you are going through so much, yet manage to stay so upbeat! And just so you know, we always pray for Kendall and your family, and the girls regularly ask how she is doing. Have a great day! Faith 🙂

  3. though I’m not participating in the challenges, I love how much power blog friends can have to encourage!  I read your blog because you’re awesome.  Despite the challenges ordinary and extraordinary of your life and though you are known for your “rapist wit”–you’re  really an indefatigable optimist. You can’t not bring a little life and light to the table.  But on the deepest level, I really read because…you’re awesome. I love you, Terra.  And I usually don’t comment because  your honesty demands a meaningful reply…I’m not wise enough to try and say much. But I will commit to at the very least saying ‘hi. You’re awesome. I love you’ now every time I read. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Hi there – I don’t comment here, usually just on FB, and I really don’t have any answers to your questions. I read your blog because you inspire me to be a better person. To stop complaining about stupid stuff, and really appreciate everything around me. I also read because I like to hear how Kendall and your whole family is doing. AND I love the cool artsy DIY projects you do! 😀

    • Same… I am probably onw of your British visitors who stalk without saying anything, because other than praying that’s all I do know I can do. You, Kendall and K23 and 4…but you especially – I am 30 but am in palliative care from hitting my hand and developing CRPS in January (aged 16), and was in hospital for 8 months coming home in a wheelchair full time. and feel constantly sick and nauseas, have a shut down bladder/ kidney issues, severe generalised dystonia, severe generalised hypermobility (eg permanently dislocated hip – leading my legs to be in almost a Buddha situation. Gone septic and in neuro .. and so many other factors. just can’t go down that route or.. but you and your family remind me that through all of this medical stuff there is LIFE, there is FAITH and FUN throughout all of this and that for all the scary, crappy things that have happened you fight to live through fighting to live… and every time you post ‘hint…hint* it brings laughter and tears. I cant believe the medical system in the US though – I have 24 hour live in care alongside nursing, along with all meds and care for free.. Including the newest version of Miss 4K’s bed etc,, It scares me to think of how things would be but… through having to fight for things must have made you ALL stronger and a great example to your Special K’s. Much love and prayers, Rosie and Caramel (would love to keep in touch with you by email) xxx

  5. I read your blog because I love you and I love your family.  We may have left our high school craziness behind for the most part but I still see the girl I went to Bible camp/Mexico/Colorado with, played in a hundred volleyball/basketball/softball games with, spent upwards of 1000 hours on the phone with, and shared a million more memories with back in the day.   And I like to check in on sweet little Kendall and pray for you!  Despite the miles and time that separates us I still consider you a friend close to my heart and always will.  

  6. I read your blog, b/c you made a new girl feel welcome & cool when we first met. When I started blogging myself later that year, I wanted to follow all the MOPS girls with blogs (…sooo, you & Emily. :-)) After we moved again & I wasn’t seeing Brandi all the time, I was glad to be able to still hear what was going on with Kendall here.
    Sues talked about…Keep Calm and Eat On

  7. First of all, I have those same plates! I <3 Target!  

    I love reading your blog so I can keep up with littlest Miss K. That girlie is one tough cookie! 

    I also love your photos and creativity! The lemonade stand was brilliant! 

    Mostly I keep coming back in the hopes that you'll reveal your secret for being Super Mom! Because we have much less going on but I still find myself asleep on the couch at 7pm! So how DO you handle 4 busy little girls with dance and school and playdates? Not to mention the medical business! Is it drugs? Something herbal? A severe case of over achiever? I need some of whatever it is that gives you the energy to do it all so beautifully 

  8. I love you.  I love that you love Jesus.  I love that you love your family.  I love that you love your friends.  I love your humor, laugh, brilliance-.EVERYTHING!

  9. No one said there was going to be an essay test! Sheesh. I had a couple of minutes here, and now it’s turning into many minutes. Let’s see how many times I am interrupted in this essay portion. I hope spelling and grammar count toward my final grade.

    1. I found TerraTalking now on FB. That might help out with the challenges. I have learned I can hunt you down wherever/whenever I want. You make that quite interesting!
    2. Are you or aren’t you the brightest part to my day? Yes.
    3. Why do I come here? I was brainwashed early on through your absolutely captivating writing. I also know I have a great chance of not only laughing, but crying at your posts. I love that you make up words. And, last, but not least…the Lord has put your family in a special place in my heart. I’m excited that we have eternity together!
    Sarah talked about…Like mother, like daughter

  10. “It’s not about the days I’ve missed, It’s about what I’m doing from here forward.” So true.

    I read your blog because I find that you can get to know people in a different way through their blog. I like to keep up with what is happening with your family. I feel like your questions deserve a more in-depth answer, but this is the best I can do at the moment. 🙂 Thanks for blogging!
    Emily talked about…Group therapy

  11. Terra,

    I mostly read your blog because I pray for your family, and reading the blog lets me know how to pray for you all. Years ago, I was asked to pray for a boy with mito. I went to his blog, started reading and praying, and then I noticed that his blog had links to other mito kids’ blogs. Those kids’ blogs will often link to other kids’ blogs, etc. This is how I found you. Even though I don’t have a child with mito, I have some chronic health issues that present daily challenges. Reading your words encourage me greatly

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