The Big Reveal

I know some of you are thinking I must have gotten horrible news yesterday at the ultrasound or something…and that is why I haven’t posted here yet!

Nope. Just an ultra-tramautic day. The kind i hope to not have to go through again for a very long time. hopefully never. Nobody died or anything. It was just…a lot going on.

I was so blessed to be present with my good friend and neighbor Cheryl Lynn, as she labored to bring Sophia Esther into this world. As of yet I still do’nt have all the details, for in the midst of some intense pushing, she was whisked away for an emergency C-section. Please keep her and baby Sophia in your prayers. She is a true miracle baby – the cord was around her neck once, tied in a knot in the middle, and then went and wrapped around her little leg, essentially tying her to the placenta and firmly in place in mom’s tummy. Recovery for Cheryl lynn is going to be long and hard fought, and that’s why I ask for your prayers on her behalf.

Lots of other little goings on throughout the day, mostly involving shuttling the kids back and forth and up and down and all over chicagoland, but in the end, we all made it to the same place (the hospital) for the ultrasound!

And of course the little bugger was NOT wanting to cooperate AT ALL!  The tech kept having to go poke the baby in the head or the back to get it to kick (therefore uncrossing the legs) and then quick try to scan down there.  so…drumroll please….


It’s a Girl!!!!


while I am a little teensy bit shocked at this news, we are of course ecstatic also. the girls are kind of “eh. great. another sister to share clothes and toys with…”

but excited also.

ok my font picker thing is going all wacky now.

hopefully this shows up in a readable font for all browsers…

So. at least the unknown is still….unknown for now. We can settle into a good pattern of planning. Room switches, clothing, toys, – no major changes have to take place. And now we just wait.

And yes, we are having a hard time coming up with a “K” name that we like and agree upon. Its got to have just the right balance of consonants/syllables to match good with Atkinson, and yet, must have a different vowel combo than Keee, Kaaaaahhh, Kaaaaayyyyy. That leaves Kehhh (like Kennedy), Ko (like….Korinne?), Koooo (like a name i can’t even fathom), or Kung Fu Panda. or Kiihhhh. Like Kitty. Which is, oddly enough, what i just named our kitty. So maybe it would work. I call pretty much any furry animal under the height of 12 inches kitty. Kitty might be my front runner for a name right now.


Got lots of preparations for the big shindig tomorrow. I actually have gotten a TON accomplished already today! Including renewing my license, which expires tomorrow.  I mean, what is WITH the DMV always being so danged busy? its like the mall at christmas in there i swear.

I will be back tomorrow with deep birthday thoughts by Jack Handy.

Have a happy thursday!



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  1. May I be so bold as to suggest Kameron, perhaps named for your favorite 80s teenage bad boy turned end-times evangelistic minister

  2. reba pearl – i will have you know i just about puked from laughing so hard at your synopsis of my fave 80’s bad boy…

    the name is actually on the list! (spelled a little differently of course!)

  3. Oh, by the way…what about Kinsey? I always liked was an option for Cali. I liked Kennedy, too, but Eric couldn’t get the image of the early 90’s MTV VJ out of his head!
    Faith ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. No offense to Faith, but Kinsey was a famous sex therapist. That might be a little disheartening… (p.s. do NOT see the movie by that name)

  5. Congrats sweetie!! I am so happy for you!!! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!

  6. I found this website that gives you the meaning and origins behind any name out there. You can do a search for what you want. I like Kenzie or Kendra (I had a cat by that name) or Kendal. I’m stuck with the KEN names. Congrats on having another girl, at least you know what to expect.

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