Thanksgiving plans.

Is it weird to anyone else that thanksgiving is a week later than normal this year?

It is to me. Its throwing me all kinds of off.

Anyways – this year I am hosting. For a few different reasons, one of which is I am probably crazy. But I like being crazy with my crazy family. i need a table big enough to seat us all, and I need to do some crazy grocery shopping, but it’s gonna be a blast.

I start to get all giddy with excitement like “oooo maybe i can have all my christmas decorations up! and i can get lots of fun cute ideas for table settings off of pinterest! And we can have a kraft and gold colored thanksgiving theme!!!”

and then reality hits. And there will be no pinterest-worthy decorations. There will be no cutesy printed labels indicating what the bowls contain on the non-decorated countertop. It will be plain and simple and full of good food and lots of kids and lots of craziness. But we will be together and it will be awesome in its own way.

I had an epiphany earlier today.

I was talking to someone about the fact that when Kendall got so sick this summer – we had NO IDEA what was coming our way last year when we were celebrating the holidays. I would have had no clue it was her last holidays with us. And really, no one has that guarantee. But it hit me – what if THESE were her last ones with us? We live so close to that edge, with the reminders all the time. I don’t want to live in that place out of a sense of “woe is us, let’s be sad, let’s be melodramatic over everything” – I want to live in that place to say – LOVE PEOPLE. You never know when it may be your last chance to do something amazing, something memorable, something perfect with those you love.
I’m not talking about going to any kind of extremes here. I’m just trying to say – what is it really all about? If these were your last holidays without loved ones – what would you want to remember? Would you want to stress out over having the perfect gift with coordinated wrapping paper? Or would it be more about laughing around the table together, making more memories together, spending as much time as possible soaking up those hallmark moments?
That’s what I’m planning for this Thanksgiving. Surrounding myself with those I love the most, laughing a lot, holding everyone close, and making awesome memories.

My house will not be immaculate. But it will be good enough. It will be warm and full of food and family.

Maybe that is pinterest-worthy after all.



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