Maybe you have friends who are doing it too – taking the “thankfulness” challenge and posting something on facebook every day that they are thankful for. I think it’s a swell idea – and I love reading other peoples’ posts about what they are thankful for that day,  but it isn’t something I have thus far felt too compelled to do. Maybe i’m in too many other challenges this month, maybe i just like to buck all the trends. (For the record, i never tried to play the stupid giraffe riddle thing either.)

But probably it’s more because I try to live my life every day in a state of thankfulness. Maybe I need to be better about saying it – so i’ll try to capture a bit of my thankfulness in this post.

I am thankful for this life we live – craziness, insanity, sleepless nights, heartaches and all. I am thankful that the super scary times make me realize just how precious the good times are.  I am thankful for the people we have met because of this journey, this life we lead.
I am thankful for a vast network of amazing doctors, therapists, nurse practitioners and nurses, pharmacists, supply delivery people, lab techs – all who keep Kendall going so we can keep our family going. I am thankful for their trust in our ability to care for her at home. I am thankful for friends and family who are willing to come alongside our crazy lives and swoop in to save the day by picking up the other girls when Ben is on the road and I have to  be three hours away in milwaukee.  I am thankful for our car that even though it has autonomic dysfunction and blows the heat when I need the aircon, it gets us back and forth to the hospital safely. I am thankful for oh so many of you, and the many little and big things you do for our family, for me.

I am just so so thankful.

I hope i have told you all thank you enough.
For the amazing Krew that put on the 5K/Fall Fun Fest for Kendall – thank you. I will never be able to thank you all enough. For everyone who came that day, and ran, or helped, or donated, or bid on auction items – thank you.

For the Tacoma contingent that ran your own 5K on a blustery day – thank you. Thank you for loving our family from afar and for your continual love and support~

For all of the good things of life – big and small – I am thankful. I am always thankful – and I need to be better about vocalizing that thanks.

For the amazing staff at Versed Salon here in Plainfield – thank you – for the pampering you gave this tired, frazzled, gray-haired mama, and for the amazing amazing gift you are giving our family next week with the Cut-a-Thon for Kendall – thank you so much.   (side note – if you are local and you have hair and you need it cut anytime soon, please consider coming to this event! It is so amazing of this place to do this for our family and we are so grateful for their support!)

For even the tiredness, the late nights, the frustrations – I am grateful. oh how grateful I am that I am able to have a child to wake me up in the middle of the night, so grateful for the gray-hair inducing days of stress caused by her mind-boggling logistical supply & demand, so grateful that at the end of the day, all of that stress is rewarded with a warm-bodied hug and cuddle and “i love you momma”. I know far too many who would endure what others would complain about – if it meant having their child back in their arms.

So I am thankful. I have a heart bursting with thankfulness and i pray every day that I live in that thankfulness. I pray that those of you who need to know, know just how very much you are appreciated – by me, and my family.

For everything, everyone, every day – I am thankful.


thank you~



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  1. Your real but hopeful outlook helps me gain and keep perspective everyday. I’m thankful to know you and your family from a mere few thousand miles away.

    And not to fear, princess day is going to happen in the next few weeks!